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What I Missed: Grabby Edition

There were a few moments of pure, unadulterated sexytimes that I didn't see in person last weekend. However, the internet is a great tool for playing catch up during events like that, so I present to you two videos in particular that are sure to get the blood in your nether regions pumping. First up we have a moderately SFW clip posted by Chris Porter, wherein he documents boyfriend Samuel Colt taking part in the rubber suction cube experience. Steven Daigle is even running around enjoying the sight! There's something wildly sexual about seeing such a strong, built man immobilized by form fitting rubber. Naturally, the silhouette is stunning given how defined he is. So many things pushing all the right buttons here. In other news, what you're about to watch next happened in the IML host hotel, the Hyatt Regency. I opted not to go that night because I was saving up for the next night, etc etc. I now kick myself on a regular basis for making that decision, because as you can see below, I really missed out on some quality action. Donny Wright is getting his beautiful uncut cock serviced by adorably furry Parker Perry, all while making out with my favorite ginger, Kennedy Carter. Pure magic, folks. One of my roommates for the weekend, Erynn Vaehne, is responsible for this video and I am oh-so-glad it happened. Password to watch this video is "donny."

Lucky Donny from Harvey Walker on Vimeo.

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A Buff Conquest

For three years, Tony Buff has been waiting for his chance to have a go at Bobby Clark. On Friday, that wait came to an end. Personally, I don't know how Bobby could resist for so long. I don't think my psyche would be strong enough to withstand that kind of wanton desire from Mr. Buff. Let's just say, Bobby looks good in Tony's ropework. The following are from Chris Yosef's Twitter feed:
A methodical process.
The look of a satisfied hunter upon capturing his prey.

Grabbys Co-Hosting Duties: Vote Now!

It's that time of year again, ladies and gents. The Grabby's are coming up shortly before Summer's official start and now it's time to vote for the three industry performer co-hosts to share the stage with the legendary Chi Chi LaRue and effervescent Honey West!  Last year the lucky winners were Diesel Washington, Jeremy Bilding and Roman Heart. Apparently Jeremy was nervous to be on stage, but he was my favorite of the fan-voted co-hosts. The nominees this year include Samuel Colt, Mike Dreyden, Alexsander Freitas, Shane Frost, Wilifried Knight, Brandon Lewis, Rob Romoni, Jason Sparks, Scott Spears, Jake Steel and Tom Wolfe. This is a rather tough line-up for me. I'm fighting my natural inclination to hand out immediate suggestions and endorsements simply because there are about 6 guys who jump out to me as being great choices to share the stage. (Gee, from the looks of the hyperlinks, I wonder who those 6 might be?) At any rate, now is the time! Today is the day! Go to the Grabby's website and start voting now! Click the banner below to get it started!
The Grabby's will take place, like always, during Memorial Day weekend in Chicago. Start planning your trip now!
Grabbys 2011.