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Phosphor by House of XY & Dracorubio:

A Psylocke/Phoenix Force/Naked Dude mash up! Seriously, doesn't this look like what would happen if the tatted-up Rachel Summers-style Phoenix force had been transformed into Psylocke's psionic color scheme and then transferred to a hot piece of man meat? (In this case, Logan McCree.) I kind of wish I had full body tattoos so House of XY and Dracorubio could phospho-phoenixify me! I've wanted the Phoenix force since I was a kid. I would definitely give into the Dark Phoenix side of things and go a little medieval on some asses, then die, be resurrected, maybe die again. You know, typical behavior for a Phoenix host body. #nerdjizz • houseofxy: We are so proud to present the 2nd....

House of XY + Austin Wilde

Avant Erotica Nerdjizz favorites House of XY teamed up with Austin Wilde recently. The photo below is from the latest in their sexually charged photographic art series titled 'Dripping.' Here's a preview of what's to come. Visit their website to view released photo sets and video. You can also see more on their Tumblr and Twitter feeds.

For more of Austin wilde, visit his website or follow him on twitter. House of XY - Check out @AustinWilde in our new series....

Avant Erotica: A look at UV by XY

Last night, Dirk from House of XY debuted one of the first videos from the UV by XY series. It's, in a word, spectacular. I've been noticing more audacity on the part of filmmakers lately to create visuals that, while still classified as pornography, are so much more. There's a whole new class of avant erotica out there – or at least that's what I'm calling it. I haven't heard it described as such elsewhere, so I'm coining the phrase, nerds!

You can see this new video by clicking the picture above, by clicking here, or by clicking the link below. Whatever the hell you decide to click, just go watch it. It might take a minute to load, but it's utterly captivating.

UV by XY.