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Boys In Glasses

Do glasses a nerd make? No, not necessarily. However, they definitely provide for some dreamy visuals. Enjoy these gorgeous (possible) geeks.

Comic Book Guys We Wanna Fuck

We are so honored to be contributing to NerdJizz! It's true - at Tommy Wells we are huge nerds too. One of the best things about geeking out? Fantasizing about the hottest guys in our favorite graphic novels of course. We currently have a boner for these 3: 1. Skinner Sweet - American Vampire's bad ass villain we can't get enough of. The blonde hair, the blue eyes, and just enough scruff to give him that sextra umph. We wouldn't want to be on his bad side - but we definitely want to be on his naughty side! Insert fangs here! 2. Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead's toughest, coolest, and hottest one handed hero you'll ever see (yeah - he loses a hand, sorry for the spoiler - but get with the program)! It's the beard and his roughness that gets to our core. Who wouldn't want a hardcore grizzly hunk protecting them from the Zombiepocolypse? And trust us, one hand can still get plenty done! (Ask Yorick, our next hottie.) 3. Yorick Brown - Y: The Last Man's last man. He's the last fucking man on Earth. Your other option is the monkey. He starts looking cuter and cuter the more that reality sets in. Besides, he's toned, tall, and likes animals. Sounds like someone you can bring home to Mama. Of course, in this universe, we'd be dead too. **If you couldn't read the speech bubbles in the second picture - she's asking him how he hasn't cheated on his girlfriend considering he's the only man left. His response - well, speaks for itself!** We don't love these stories solely for the hot hunks - these three graphic novels are a great read. And seeing these hotties should entice you to go search for more about the series'. How do you feel about these three? Men of your dreams, or are you reaching for the rubber... eraser! Tommy Wells is a 20something Los Angeles based blogger with a passion for porn. He spends his days as a Shepherd of Sin and Liaison of Lechery. You can  keep up with Tommy and his crew at his website. Follow him on Twitter @tommywellsnet.

Suck my cock, nerd.

I stole this post (via GaySexNearby.) It's awesome and it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of #nerdjizz. Suck my cock, nerd. « GaySexNearby. Totally stolen from GaySexNearby. It fit perfectly within the theme.

Holding Out For A Hero (Or Three)

Superhero #nerdjizz Found this glorious image on tumblr. If you don't already, go follow me! Superhero #nerdjizz.