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Steven Daigle and John Magnum: Gym Fuck

Gym Fuck: John Magnum & Steven Daigle @ DominicFord.com

DominicFord.com brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

This is the second of four movies in Dominic Ford's "Gym Fuck" series. John Magnum and Steven Daigle take us through back and lower body workouts. John shows us his routines for glutes (his yummy ass) and legs. Steven takes us through lats and back. The various workout positions they show were perfect as sexual positions too. It should be no secret by now that I'm a huge fan of Mr. Daigle's, so I'm always thrilled when I see him in a scene on a website I happen to frequent.

Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com

iPhones Make Exercise Sexy

Dean Monroe, Chris Porter and Cavin Knight are among the numbers of men who enjoy self-photography while at the gym and in the locker room.

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Don’t you just hate when awkward boners happen?

Like, in the gym shower with your buddies? It's tough playing it cool when your engorged wang is pointing right at them.