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A Troop with an iPhone

Guys with iPhones.

Full Frontal Nerdity

How you durrrin'? Hanging out in the nurrrrd and such.

  Demons of Awesomeness.

Guys With iPhones in Public Bathrooms

Nothing better than some attractive gentlemen strutting their stuff in a publicly shared bathroom. I'll kick off this small series with possibly the most attractive, hardest working gay-for-pay performer in the business, Marcus Mojo (formerly Landon Mycles.)

iPhones Make Exercise Sexy

Dean Monroe, Chris Porter and Cavin Knight are among the numbers of men who enjoy self-photography while at the gym and in the locker room.

Be sure to check out Guys With iPhones for more great images like these!



Well Would You Look At That

Just so happens I showed up over at GWiP today. How pleasant.

Harvey Walker on Guys with iPhones.

Take Me Home Tonight

'Cause I don't wanna let him go 'til I see the light.

Guys with iPhones.

I love… Jeremy Bilding on Guys with iPhones

Jeremy Bilding on Guys with iPhones.

A Cute Guy with an iPhone

Well isn't he just the cutest boy next door you ever did see!?

Guys with iPhones.

Optimal Serving Size

USDA Grade A, perfectly proportioned beef. Guys with iPhones.

Uh, Supe, buddy…

You got a receipt from the dry-cleaners? (Actually, I wouldn't mind this serving as the template for the official costume.)

Guys with iPhones.