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Guys In Sweatpants: Just’a Coupl’a Budz

Tyler and Scott are two midwest boys from the same town who love fucking each other. Since this wasn’t their first time fucking, it made it easier to do live on camera. It was only Tyler’s second time ever bottoming, but he took it like a champ… and seemed to REALLY love it. Scott tried taking Tyler’s huge cock, but couldn’t do it, and even made the comment “oh my god, you are so big!” … so they went back to Tyler getting pounded. Don’t forget to check the extra footage at the end of all the fucking!

I gave this scene a once-over after reading the description in my update email. I have to say, it's pretty hot one. Tyler is the more gingery of the two and after the obligatory eye-candy intro on the beach, he and Scott head back to the bedroom with sun-reddened skin to have a little boning time.

Guys In Sweatpants: Austin & Robbie

I think there is literally 15 combined feet of cock between these two gentlemen. (Or, like 1'6.5". Who's counting?) Either way, the specifics don't matter, because it's more prime wangus than you've seen in a while, guaranteed.
Watch these slabs of man-meat in action.

Guys in Sweatpants Megapost

Click through for a megagallery of the photos I've posted from the last week. Continue reading Guys in Sweatpants Megapost

Guys in Sweatpants Launches: Anthony Romero & Austin Wilde

I hate to say it, but you've basically been living under a giant internet rock if you don't know who these two are. Austin Wilde has been in the industry for a few years wherein he first gained notoriety as a Raging Stallion exclusive. After that contract ended and his next one began, he did some work for Suite703, wherein he performed his first scene with boyfriend and GiSP partner, Anthony Romero. After some work for Next Door Studios They Who Shall Not Be Named, both men landed at CockyBoys, where some of the most beautiful traditionally-shot gay porn is being produced in my opinion. "Austony" was the hybrid-ly named feature directed by Jake Jaxson at CockyBoys to really showcase these two in a light we really hadn't seen before. Now that today is the official launch of the Guys In Sweatpants membership site , the two cheeky bastards can add "studio heads" to their resumes. It began as an offhanded user-submitted site wherein guys would send in their own photos or photos they had taken of, well, guys in sweatpants. Why sweatpants? Well, if you hadn't noticed already, Austin and Anthony are both sickeningly well built gym rats, and what is a popular choice of attire for men who frequent the gym? Sweatpants. Ball shorts. Cotton. Nylon. Mesh. Loose fitting fabrics wherein the male member can fly free, and others can discern general size and shape of each other's equipment as they cruise their fellow man. Everyone likes to crotch-watch, so don't even front. Austin himself explains more here. The user submitted portion is still around, so non-members still have all the same access to that content that they did before. But, let's be honest. You want to be a member.  It's worth it. Hell, the scenes available on launch day are worth a full years dues in membership, so can you imagine what's to come in the following months? These guys, they did good I tell ya. Keep your eye on the men they featured as launch models. Specifically the ones you haven't heard of before. It's my opinion that this site will become a launching pad for talent, and it's always a special feeling to realize you were there at the beginning. Well done, fellas.

Guys in Sweatpants: Previewing Ben Driver

Ben Driver has a fair amount of Tumblr fame from his now-defunct blog, Big Wang Theory. It was a cheeky title, but when you see the size of his wang chung, you'll understand just how fitting it was. See? See that? "BIg Wang" is kind of an understatement with that behemoth. But with Ben, it's honestly not all about size. He's taken a page from the Colby Keller/Conner Habib playbook and has unashamedly exposed not only his body but also his mind, thoughts, intellect and musings on his current blog on Tumblr. About Ben:

29 years old

5’ 11” | 160 pounds | 9.5 inches, uncut


Ben comes to us from Alberta. He is pretty quiet until you get him aroused; then he turns into an aggressive talking top that likes to finger fuck his bottoms before he rails them with a nine-and-a-half inch cock. When he's not masturbating, working out, or playing with his cat, he enjoys reading post-colonial queer theory, and looking at, talking about, and eating butts. Reach out to him on Twitter.

Guys in Sweatpants: Previewing Bryan Cole

You already know from a few posts back, that I'm a fan of Bryan Cole and I'll let you refer to it to see just why. He posted the video below last night. It does a better job describing with visual what I lack in verbal.
About Brian:

28 years old

6’ | 180 pounds | 7 inches, cut


I grew up in a small town in Ohio. I still live in Ohio, but I moved a larger area. I work full time in IT; I have very low-key weekdays that consist of going to work from 9ish to 5ish, going to the gym, and then meeting friends for diner.  

I love traveling and flying on the weekends, but I can’t go anywhere without my pillow. When I'm at home I sleep with 4 pillows - One for my head, one to cuddle, one for my knees and one to rest my arm on. I enjoy working on my car, and I prefer little spoon position.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, a Master’s in business administration, and I’m currently in my final year my PHD in gym creeper pics. I usually respond to questions and shout outs on my Twitter feed.

Guys in Sweatpants: Previewing Shane Frost & JD Phoenix

Shane Frost is a popular performer who has been in the industry for a couple of years and found quite a bit of success in it. Just this past Friday, his was named 37th in the Top 40 Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Butts in Gay Porn on The Sword. Shane's bio:

30 years old

5’ 8” | 160 pounds | 8 inches, cut


I’m kind of a typical Mid-Westerner. I love pro wrestling. When I'm not filming, I love to run outdoors, spend time with my boyfriend and friends, go to the gym and just enjoy life. Fact, Growing up, I won my hometowns ‘pie eating contest’ every year. Go figure! (I love eating ass.) Twitter: ShaneFrostxxx.

JD Phoenix has a great smile. There's just enough mischief behind his eyes to let you know that he's always ready to cause some trouble (in the best way.) I'm definitely looking forward to seeing him in all of his glory. More about JD:

25 years old

5’ 11” | 150 pounds | 7 inches, cut


I party and live (and vice versa) in Las Vegas. I’m very outgoing. I’ve been on my own since I was 17. I’m from a little town outside of Albany, New York. I want every second to be a memorable one. Find me on Twiter.


Guys in Sweatpants: Previewing Mitch Vaughn

Mitch Vaughn has caught my eye a couple of times these past couple of years in the industry. He's proven to have a damn good work ethic. His scenes are solid, but outside of performing he's drama-free so you won't find him making a scene. He's a previous winner of Dominic Ford's "So You Think You Can Fuck?" and is currently in a longterm relationship with fellow performer Spencer Williams. His Bio:

31 years old

5’ 10” | 190 pounds | 8 inches, cut


I was born a Mormon boy in Utah, and before becoming an adult performer I worked in the banking industry. I have a rough, sexual side that I like to explore as a porn star. I love my bottoms submissive. I split my life between my work as a pastry chef, my urge to travel the world, and my fascination with hi-top sneakers—the bolder the better. 

Tweet him!


Guys in Sweatpants: Previewing Ashton Webber & Robbie R

I don't know much at all about these two porno n00bs that are going to be featured when Guys In Sweatpants launches, but I'm definitely anxious to see what they're capable of. First up is Ashton Webber. He's a cute blonde twink whose thin frame and pouty lips remind me of a BoyCrush version of Tony Hunter. [Edit. note: Literally five minutes after this post went live, Jake Jaxson of CockyBoys posted this. Fuckin' A, right? Also, take the time to check Ashton's Twitter avatar, because Jesus fuck, does he have some abs.] His bio:

22 years old

5’ 7” | 125 pounds | 8 inches, cut


I’m a communications major. I’ve done gymnastics all my life. I currently live in Kansas. If you went through my dresser you would understand what I mean when I say I have an underwear obsession. I spend most of my time hanging out with my friends, dancing, and working out. My turn-on is sucking cock; it’s really that simple. If you see me at a bar, I drink vodka and Red Bull. Hit me up on Twitter.

Next up is Robbie R. No surname, just "R." I know just as much about him as you will by the end of this post, but just wait 'til you get an eyeful of his dick.  Don't get me wrong, I bet his personality is great, and he has some pretty neat interests and yadda yadda yadda, but g'damn, that wang is ridiculous. Reminds me of one I've played with a couple of times, right down to that rightward curve. Behold: From the looks of it, Anthony Romero will be his first scene partner on launch day. Given the average time it takes between filming a scene and releasing it, I'd say Anthony should just about be walking normal again. Robby's Bio:

22 years old

5’ 6” | 165 pounds | 10 inches, cut


I'm definitely a Southern gentleman – love meeting people and having fun. I'm a fitness junkie and health nut, but I love to party. I love all races and all types of bodies. I have a massive appetite for sex—I want it all the time, and I always get it. I’m versatile when I need to be, but of course I was made to top. 

Robbie on Twitter.

Guys in Sweatpants: Previewing Chad Hunter

Guys In Sweatpants will be launching very soon (see the banner to your left) and as such, I thought I would provide you with a little taste of what you can look forward to next week. I'll be releasing a model preview each day leading up to the site going live, starting today with a man I featured here not long ago at all, Mr. Chad Hunter. First up, the video I posted nearly two weeks ago that originated on Chad's Tumblr page.
Next, a look at some promotional images that will surely win you over as you admire the man's hint-of-ginger locks, flushed sex face and quite hefty wangus. Chad's official bio:

Chad Hunter

22 years old

5’ 10” | 145 pounds | 7 inches, cut


I’m German, Irish, Italian, and Portuguese. My hobbies include reading, writing, photography/videography, working out, playing video games, and surfing the web (oftentimes viewing porn). When I have free time I like to dabble in mixing drinks (and I can legally serve you one at any bar in the state of Washington). I like learning new things and skills (I’ve been into cross fit lately.) Although I'm usually kind of quiet at first, most of the people who know me say I'm pretty outspoken and social. I like trying new things and expanding my horizons. You can talk to me anytime on Twitter.

So, you're totally a fan now, right? Thought so. Guys In Sweatpants' membership site launches next Thursday, Feb. 7th. Bookmark it! (And while you wait, peruse the already existing large collection of user-submitted photos.)