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CockyBoys Exert Dominance Over The Grabby Award Nominations

Bravo @ Black Party
Bravo @ Black Party
In case you missed the Grabby Award nominee announcements elsewhere this week, CockyBoys kind of cleaned house. In case you didn't, here's a recap of their fantastic sweep: Movie of the Year: Name of the Game Movie of the Year: Project GoGo Boy Director of the Year: Jake Jaxson Content Producer/Studio of the Year: CockyBoys Year's Most Eye-Grabbing Cover: That's Right (Jake Jaxson Presents) Favorite Newcomer: Jake Bass Favorite Newcomer: Max Ryder Count 'em two, TWO, movie of the year noms, and two, TWO favorite newcomer nominations. Not to mention Director, Studio and Cover of the year. Not too shabby, eh?

Note from CockyBoys Director and Owner Jake Jaxson: I can't express how grateful and honored we are to be so generously recognized by both the Grabbys and the TLA Gay Video Awards.

 It's been a little over a year since I went from being behind a desk to behind the camera, and I could not be more proud of my staff, my crew, and our CockyBoys! They have all been so committed and enrolled in my main goal -- producing gay adult entertainment that we can be proud of!

Growing up in southern Louisiana, I was taught that sex was bad and that gay sex was an abomination. Obviously, that can really fuck up a confused and creative kid like me, so I view my work as a giant "fuck you" to that part of my upbringing. And I hope the work we do at CockyBoys will help connect viewers to a certain sexual energy they can enjoy over and over again, having a guilt free porn experience!

I'd also like to thank our producing partners -- Tim Valenti at Naked Sword Originals, as well as George Duroy, Stuart Davis, and Lukas Kazan at Bel Ami Online. Their support, guidance, and collaborative spirit have been invaluable.

I know it's probably assumed by you, the readers, at this point, but in this age of free porn and tube sites, this is probably the one standout site that actually deserves your membership. They consistently produce original and compelling content that's not only sexy, but it's high caliber erotica. The features and the scenes they produce are made with the viewer – not revenue – in mind. It's such a rarity in 2013.

[Editorial Note from Harvey Walker] If a pornographic studio was the District Attorney in 'The Dark Knight', then the slogan would definitely be "I believe in Cocky Boys."

Max @ Black Party
Max @ Black Party

Grabbys Flashback: Favorite Photo of 2011

Through Laura’s Eyes: Grabby Night

Alright, so I know I've filled you in on much of what went on over the course of Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, but there's more! Head on over to Laura D's blog and look at the rest of these photos. Both she and the photos she took are pure gold.

Grabby’s 2011 Chicago Day #3 « Im A Fag Hag.

Steven’s Best Weekend Ever!

If you look a few posts back, you know it was Steven Daigle's birthday last week. This past weekend, I think it's safe to say, he celebrated in a big way. He was named Best Newcomer at the Grabby's, and quite deservedly so, in this nerd's opinion.
Accepting his Best Newcomer award in geek chic glasses.
There were three performers this year who I felt really embodied in overlapping ways what it meant to be the "best" newcomer in the business. Chris Porter, Kennedy Carter and of course, Steven. Chris Porter's omission from even a single nomination this year was glaring, to say the least. Also, while there was a Ginger named co-winner of the Newcomer award, it was the wrong one. Kennedy Carter out-performed his contemporaries in every single scene he graced this past year, and did so with raw sexual energy, not to mention pure grace, poise and humility. Now that is priceless. Snap. But, back to Steven. Coming from the unique vantage point of having been on broadcast television, there was an aura of taboo surrounding his decision to enter the gay adult film industry. Sure, there had been loads of men we've all watched on television whom we fantasized about in rather, ahem, pornographic ways, but Steven was the one to say 'fuck all' and forge a path. At the very heart of the matter, Steven is just looking to please those around him. All the while, he has a streak of fearlessness running through him. When an urgent sense of vulnerability is combined with that no-holds-barred kind of attitude in one person, the results are bound to be explosive, if not stellar. And stellar they are! Having come from that unique vantage point, Steven basically had his pick of studios to work with. As such, he built up an impressive and rather diverse body of work in just a year. Famed Director Chi Chi LaRue directed his first three feature films. He worked with web-based studios like Cocksure Men and Dominic Ford, and feature length-based studios like Titan and Falcon. So to top off a roller coaster ride of a year full of mostly highs, Steven had a very good weekend, and I couldn't be happier for him. I've had a chance to speak with him at each of the industry events I've attended throughout the past year, I'm genuinely glad his drive to succeed has been recognized.

Grabbys Co-Hosting Duties: Vote Now!

It's that time of year again, ladies and gents. The Grabby's are coming up shortly before Summer's official start and now it's time to vote for the three industry performer co-hosts to share the stage with the legendary Chi Chi LaRue and effervescent Honey West!  Last year the lucky winners were Diesel Washington, Jeremy Bilding and Roman Heart. Apparently Jeremy was nervous to be on stage, but he was my favorite of the fan-voted co-hosts. The nominees this year include Samuel Colt, Mike Dreyden, Alexsander Freitas, Shane Frost, Wilifried Knight, Brandon Lewis, Rob Romoni, Jason Sparks, Scott Spears, Jake Steel and Tom Wolfe. This is a rather tough line-up for me. I'm fighting my natural inclination to hand out immediate suggestions and endorsements simply because there are about 6 guys who jump out to me as being great choices to share the stage. (Gee, from the looks of the hyperlinks, I wonder who those 6 might be?) At any rate, now is the time! Today is the day! Go to the Grabby's website and start voting now! Click the banner below to get it started!
The Grabby's will take place, like always, during Memorial Day weekend in Chicago. Start planning your trip now!
Grabbys 2011.