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More Fan Art Proves Game of Thrones Fans Are Crazy Talented. Again.

You've seen our previous mentionings that Game of Thrones fans are crazy-talented. Well, in case you've forgotten, they've come back to remind us again! Today's artwork comes from Nikolas Ilic and, boy, is he crazy-talented. His Oberyn Martell alone brings a tear to my eye, seeing as what's just happened to the Red Viper on the show. 20140605-120450-43490765.jpg I mean... come on! 20140605-120450-43490403.jpg





Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey Cast in Latest Clive Barker Movie

Exciting news from Variety and Clive Barker today! Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones (aka actress Lena Headey), is set to star in Jaqueline Ess, the next of Clive Barker's adaptations to get a film treatment (with the Master of Horror himself set as executive producer)!

From Variety: “Jacqueline Ess” is the story of a woman who, in her thirst for change, achieves the ability to transform people’s bodies at will. It originally appeared in Barker’s “Books of Blood” anthologies, which also included the stories that were basis for the horror films “Lord of Illusions” and “Candyman.”

Keep an eye out, it sounds like it's going to be another great Barker creeper!

Comic Book Girl 19: An Epic History of Game of Thrones’ House Stark

I've only recently discovered the videos of Comic Book Girl 19 and, holy cow, I'm hooked on her and the CBG19/Team 19 crew! She is as adorkable as she is a smart cookie, an artist, and a huge geek! Watch below as she breaks down key points in the 2-part Epic History of House Stark! I'm single-handedly putting blame on her for making me want to read the Hunger Games series now, and that's not a bad thing! Before now, I thought the theme and movies were pretty neat but assumed it was just like another overrated young adult novel that had no substance to it aside from pretty faces and a hollow love story. (I've also heard about the "huge similarity" between the Hunger Games and Japan's Battle Royale movies, I've also checked that out so spare me. I see the similarity but I don't think it's a rip-off at all). After watching CBG19's "Catching Fire: Epic Docu-Review," I now think I've unfairly judged it too soon (I mean, like I said, the movie was neat but it only grazed the tip of the iceberg that is the whole story), and will be buying them soon!

Want Your Own GoT Dragon Eggs?

Game of Thrones fans, ever wonder what making your own metal dragon eggs would entail? Well, Poland-based Rextorn have shown us how! Well, sort of... Fans of the show themselves, the exceedingly talented metalworkers recently uploaded a video of their process in creating said eggs! And from what I've gathered, it was no easy task. According to the website, they work in "the most difficult field of metalwork - the repoussage."
Think that's impressive or maybe even want to buy your own dragon egg? Take a gander at their website and browse through their other work, too: http://en.rextorn.com Told you GoT fans are crazy-talented, didn't I?

Game of Thrones Fans Are Crazy-Talented

It's no secret that the Game of Thrones fandom has some of the most talented people I've ever seen (not that I'm trying to poo-poo over any/all other fandoms). But, seriously, GoT fans are srsly crazy-talented! YouTube is riddled with videos of fans playing their own renditions of the opening theme (mostly) and, really, it's just brilliant! Opening theme on 8 floppy drives by MrSolidSnake745 The Rains of Castamere by Taylor Davis and Peter Hollens Metal version Theme by CHVRCHES Continue reading Game of Thrones Fans Are Crazy-Talented