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Godzilla & Co.

American movie marketing and Japanese movie marketing require separate approaches. Godzilla is an intrinsic Japanese institution, and as such, the latest American incarnation of their beloved kaiju has to prove itself worthy of their time. Here in the US, we like our big-budget box office smashes to drip with affected suspense and a touch of mellow drama, but across the Pacific pond, audiences want to know what kind of action is in store. Thus, MOAR MONSTARS! We finally see that Godzilla is not the only big bad on the block; it seems two other monsters are joining the apocalyptic fray. One flies (is that Rodan?) and one has a pair of red Cloverfield-esque appendages (Muto?) The glimpses are quick, so maybe we're only dealing with a single foe for Godzilla to fight, but it's looking like they're upping the ante. After all, Guillermo Del Toro's critically acclaimed but little-viewed ode-du-kaiju-homage Pacific Rim had no less than 8 gargantuan monsters (even if some were only shown in montage sequences.) Way to lay out your massive stream in the pissing contest, Gui. It was clearly his way of saying "your move, Hollywood." Well, Hollywood is finally whipping their dick out.  


Oh. Fuckin'. Snap. The Godzilla trailer is here! From the looks of things, the filmmakers are looking to revive the property in a very big way after 1998's cringeworthy outing. And I mean very. very. big. Seriously, I mean, the sheer scope of this iteration is insane. He's literally a metropolis-destroyer. I can only assume the city we're seeing is New York, and the entire city looks like it's about to crumble in the wake of this one gargantuan Godzooky Godzilla. Sidebar: I'm not so sure how believable I find David Strathairn as a General. But, as I'm thinking about it now, the last few Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been sort of Strathairn-esque: thin, wiry & bookish-looking but capable of organizing some serious strike-force operations. So, I guess it follows. Strathairn can stay. (I just prefer him in political & intelligence agency roles a la Good Night, and Good Luck or the Bourne movies.)