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We All Win with Tyler Rush’s ASS-assin’s Creed Cosplay


According to Tyler Rush's twitter bio, he is a Seattle-based porn star (neat!), kink aficionado (our attention, u haz it), and a nerd (aaand boom goes the dynamite). Over the weekend, Tyler attended a video game themed bar night, called Insert Coin, where he not only took go-going to the next level, but cosplaying as well! It wasn't enough for the bubble-butt-beau to go dressed as a dead sexy, jockstrap-clad assassin from Assassin's Creed -- oh, no! -- but he went and made the costume himself, too! Brava, sir! Now how's about a special ...“presentation” for your new pals at #nerdjizz, eh?!

Mathew Mason and Adam Killian Flip-Fuck!

The minute Adam Killian heard Lucas Entertainment exclusive Mathew Mason’s Australian accent, he needed to get his hands all over him. They sneak away together and start making out and touching each other’s chests. Adam works Mathew’s pants down around his ankles, squats down, and starts sucking on his big, fat cock. Adam is all about eye contact and loves looking up and meeting Mathew’s eyes while sucking on Mathew’s dick head and shaft. Mathew lies on the bed and throws his legs up in the air, and Adam doesn’t waste any time. He digs right in and smothers his hole in a tongue bath, teasing his sphincter with kisses. Adam is beyond hard while servicing Mathew, and he stands up and pulls his pants down so he can get sucked off too! They roll around in a 69 position before Adam totally fixates on Mathew’s behind and wants to penetrate. Adam has a thick cock, and it takes Mathew a bit of time before he’s able to accommodate the porn star’s girth, but he does what he can as Adam slides in and out. A major sweat is worked up on the part of both guys, and as they’re perspiring Mathew is moaning and hollering, encouraging Adam to only pound harder! While Mathew is on his side with Adam balls deep inside, in order to keep Mathew quiet Adam kisses him deeply. Mathew gets his turn to pound out Adam: he bends over and shows off his famous bubble butt before Mathew mounts and rides him to completion!

Join today and watch the full scene at Lucas Entertainment

Project GoGo Boy is coming!

CockyBoys has a special series coming later this month. It's titled "Project GoGo Boy" and it features the best gogo boys the CockyBoys stable has to offer! But let me just share the official press release with you, because they sum things up better than I can:
COCKYBOYS WRAPS PRODUCTION ON PROJECT GO-GO BOY! Drag Superstar, Comedienne and Actor HEDDA LETTUCE Signs On For Reunion Special! New York, NY – This is Project Go-Go Boy!  CockyBoys Studios announced today they have wrapped production and locked in drag superstar, singer, comedienne and six-time winner of New York’s "Drag Queen of the Year" award Hedda Lettuce to host the Project Go-Go Boy reunion special a la Real Housewives. Helmed by CockyBoys owner and director Jake Jaxson, Project Go-Go Boy is being shot as a reality series, with hardcore action set against the back drop of the go-go clubs and bars of New York City and Montreal. The film chronicles  the lives of several aspiring go-go boys as they fight their way to the top of the box! Project Go-Go Boy features an all-star cast full of CockyBoys exclusives--rising superstar Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Pierre Fitch, Gabriel Clark, Tommy Defendi and Tony Capucci--as well as Seth Knight and newcummer Ben Rose! CockyBoys's Jake Jaxson says of the addition of Hedda to the Project Go-Go Boy cast: “Hedda is a true star! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her in Project Go-Go Boy. Her amazing energy and charisma, combined with her quick and witty interactions with the boys made for a very entertaining segment. I can’t wait for the world to see Project Go-Go Boy!” See one of the freshest online series/movies to hit the gay porn industry in a long time, Project Go-Go Boy, releasing July 2012 only at CockyBoys.com! Find sneak pics of Hedda Lettuce and some of the Project Go-Go Boy cast in NYC during a promo shoot below.
Follow the jump to view the rest of the photos.  Continue reading Project GoGo Boy is coming!

Weekend Dominic Ford Update

Gym Fuck: Parker London & Shane Frost @ DominicFord.com

DominicFord.com brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

Welcome to the first of four movies in Dominic Ford's "Gym Fuck" series. This month, we will be updating the site 2-3 times a week. Thursday we will release the sex scene. Saturday and Monday we will release the workout tapes, filmed by the stars in the movie.This week, Shane Frost and Parker London take us through an upper body workout. Parker shows us his routines for chest, biceps and triceps. Shane takes us through lats, pecs and shoulders.And then Shane shows us (in a very different way) how to work out his ass! It evidently involves a lot of stretching!

Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com

Kennedy Carter is too hot to handle.

I know I posted about him earlier, but it was that stumble on Tumblr that got me really thinking about this Ginger. If you head on over to Kennedy Carter's website (which can also be found in my blogroll,) you'll find that there's quite a brain behind this beauty. He has many things working in his favor, but the most striking is how effortless he makes it all seem. I mean, look at these pictures. Obviously God likes him better than the rest of us.

Photoshoot: Joseph Sinclair : That Kid Kennedy Carter.

Hayden Russo is Cocksure.

Point me in the right direction.
Hayden Russo is an enigma. An enigma with a massive, beautiful, jealousy-inducing uncut cock. If you head on over to Cocksure Men, you'll find quite a few scenes in which he's the undeniable star. He doesn't force it. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, he's a straight man whose day job just happens to be a whole lotta man-sexin'. Still, there's something about his gaze I have yet to work out. In appearance, he's part Nicholas Hoult, part Steve-O. I don't know about you, but that mixture alone is enough to keep me hanging on. But it's in his eyes. There's a curiosity about the situation and maybe even a vulnerability. Maybe I'm reading more into this fella than necessary. Maybe he reminds me of a friend from college. Regardless, he's a pleasure to watch.
Serviced by Tex Gemmell
A smile that says "Hey, I've got a giant uncut cock."
Thrusting into Park Wiley's mouth.
Disclaimer: most of Russo's scenes are bareback. My recommendation to watch his scenes is not an endorsement of bareback behavior. But, there's something about watching a man with a an obscenely large cock blow his load and then re-enter his partner without losing, ahem, steam that really kicks those fantasy wheels in one's head into high gear.
Look Ma, look what I can do!
There are many reasons you should be a member of Cocksure Men, but right, Hayden Russo is definitely one of the more interesting. Click on any picture of Russo or the banner below to see what all of my fuss is about.

Spencer Reed + Brady Jensen

If you head on over to CocksureMen, you'll find a nice little treat for the eyes. Spencer Reed stopped by the studio recently to film a scene with exclusive blonde adonis, Brady Jensen. The boys waste no time getting down to brass tacks. Immediately, they're kissing and caressing each other.
Can I get in on that?
I don't know if I cant pinpoint one attribute of Spencer's that turns me on the most, but I know one thing for certain: when it comes to him, I'm a total leg man. Look at those gams! He's built thick all over, and I like it. A lot.
That's the spot.
I really enjoy seeing a pairing like this because Spencer is this hyper-masculine hairy-legged stud and Brady embodies the smooth West Coast pretty boy. While it's obvious that Reed is going to end up pounding away at Jensen, there's a hot segment in which Brady is fucking Spencers mouth with abandon. Reed then follows up by offering some hot rimming action.
Tasting good, bro.
Spencer proceeds to fuck Brady in multiple positions all across the black leather couch. It ends with one of my favorite things: a tandem cumshot. If I were you, I'd click here to watch the scene now!

Starring: Spencer Reed, Brady Jensen Runtime: 26:29 Director: Jasun Mark

House of XY

Good news, everyone! Somehow, the news that the official House of XY webpage had launched on Christmas Eve slipped past my radar. To be fair, I was in a bit of a technological recession during the days around Christmas, but nonetheless, I'm pleased as punch to be able to direct you all to the awesome work of @amsterdirk and @Pieter020. I've become quite fond of those two via Twitter. When you take a look at the style direction House of XY is taking, I think you'll be quite fond of them as well.

House of XY.