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Cowboys & Pokemon

I. Love. This. I especially love Chris Hardwick as Team Rocket's James. X-Play Comedy: Cowboys & Pokemon in High Definition – G4tv.com.

Kevin Pereira

Last night as I was perusing the analytics of my site, I came across an amusing fact. Twice, I received a visitor to the site who ended up up here by googling the phrase "Kevin Pereira xtube." Now, before you go doing the same, just know it's a moot search. The Attack of the Show co-host is a little too smart to let his naughty bits be displayed in the internets. However, I would think he'd be flattered to know that at least someone was interested enough to see if those naughty bits were indeed on display. I don't know if it's because I've been such a longtime viewer of G4 or if it's because he, and Blair Herter and Chris Hardwick all remind me of my college buddies, but I definitely don't see him/them in a sexual way. Don't get me wrong, I recognize that they are indeed attractive fellas, but just like those old geeky, fratty buddies, theres a decidedly platonic edge involved. BUT, this site is called NerdJizz after all, so what kind of webmaster would I be if I didn't [Dr. Evil voice] throw you a friggin' bone, here. So how about a screencap and a video of Kevin's buns in a sumo mawashi from back in the AOTS Munn-days? (Too much pun?)

Code Monkeys

Have you heard of a show called Code Monkeys? I hadn't. That's why I ask. It's apparently a few years old, having been shown on G4TV here in the states, and it just wound up on Netflix recently. It's set in the 80's practically at the dawn of the video gaming phenomenon. You'll derive the most enjoyment from the show if you have a basic knowledge of gaming history. However, if you'd simply enjoy a potty-mouthed workplace comedy displayed in 8-bit, the gaming knowledge really doesn't matter. Check it out!