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Steph Jones (Jordin Sparks’ Boyfriend) In The Nude

Carlton Jordan has the leaked photos of Jordin Sparks' boyfriends wang chung. I hope every American Idol winner gets to play with something this big.

And for good measure, since you know, it's Music Monday and all, here's Steph's video for 'Beautiful.' EXCLUSIVE: ‘BOUT TIME! STEPH JONES’ NUDE PICS LEAKED! | Carlton Jordan.

A Passion Pit Penis

I happen to listen to Passion Pit on a semi-regular basis, and so I was pleased to come across this post on [EDIT: now-defunct] Is Anyone Up featuring the bassist, Jeff Apruzzese. He's a pleasantly average-looking man, with an above-average cock.

Jeff Apruzzese from Passssion Piiittt | Is Anyone Up.