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Doctor Who’s Jeff “The Pretty One”

Remember Matt Smith's first episode as the Doctor (aka Doctor Who, s05e01; "The Eleventh Hour")? There was a guy who the Doctor referred to as "the pretty one" after telling Amy he needed a laptop, providing a deliciously awkward moment with her then-boyfriend, Rory.
The Doctor meets Jeff
Well, it would appear "Jeff" is also on the BBC/Syfy series, Merlin. And the actor's name is Tom Hopper. And after just wanting to know his name, this is what google surprised me with after finding out: The pretty one, indeed! Tom Hopper, I am a fan!

Doctor Who goes Dubsteppin’

Any of you out there sort of pseudo-fans of dubstep? For me, personally, there's certainly such a thing as too much dubstep. You will never find a Skrillex song in my iTunes library. However, being the massive fan of Doctor Who that I am, I have to admit I'm digging this tastefully-done mix of the newest DW theme, "I Am The Doctor." Makes me wonder if 'Song of Freedom' from the fourth series has been properly dubstepped yet...

The Doctor Who Christmas Special – Sneak Peek

Oh. Snap. The first image from the upcoming Doctor Who special has been revealed. Gotta go change my drawers now. Explosions! Sonic Screwdrivers! Corridors! doctor xmas 2011 Read more at the source: BBC - Doctor Who - The Christmas Special - News & Features.

Midnight has been discovered!

Anyone remember the Doctor Who episode "Midnight?" Hell of a story. Very nature-of-man and dark-like. It takes place on the planet Midnight, a celestial body made entirely of diamond. A planet that requires a great deal of care to even be on considering it's proximity to it's nearest star and of course the magnification quality of diamond. (Anyone up for an incinerating vacation?) Anywho, looks like a Midnight-esque planet has been found!
The center star is a pulsar. The orbiting object is the planet believed to be made of diamond. The yellow sphere is the size of our own sun, provided as a reference.
The planet Midnight as it appears in an episode of Doctor Who, season four.

Astronomers discover planet made of diamond | Reuters.


Need some new desktop wallpaper to add a little touch of the Doctor to your life? Look no further. I've just added the featured pattern to my MacBook and I couldn't be happier. Artist: Rosemary Travale.

Rampaged Reality, Tumblr artist Rosemary Travale created a Doctor....

Droid function: EXTERMINATE!

Who/Star Wars mashup! In tshirt form! YES!

Rampaged Reality, The robotic characters from Star Wars and Doctor....

Bow ties are cool.

Thanks to my fellow #nerdjizz contributor, Frank (ClosetCaseBlog,) I've become obsessed with Doctor Who.  

  Your Nice New Outfit | The 11th Doctor- I grew up with the Tom Baker....

Fanboy Freakout: Doctor Who

As those of us who get a total nerd-on for the UK's Time Lord will know, the sixth season of Doctor Who will take off on Saturday, April 23rd on BBC America! I know I'm sitting on the edge of my seat and biting my fingers to nubs already! All we have to go on so far are teasers on top of teasers! Until then, though, we have been given a treat from our BBC Overlords! It would seem the long-running series contributed to a comic relief special, it's the only taste we're getting in the States of Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill until the 23rd!


But in case you've been living under a rock, here's the new teaser, it almost looks like a movie trailer...

From my understanding, the first two episodes of season six ("The Impossible Astronaut" and "Day of the Moon") actually take place — and were filmed — here in US! Can't wait!