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Matt Smith Filming in Detroit

Yes, ladies and germs, that is the one and only Doctor himself, Matt Smith, on location in Detroit filming Ryan Gosling's How To Catch A Monster and sporting a shockingly new look! It was no secret that Smith was cast as the lead in Gosling's directorial debut (Note Gosling on the front passenger seat, behind the cameraman; the film also stars Eva Mendes and Christina Hendricks), what many weren't expecting was the drastic change in Smith's appearance! I have to say I never noticed how much Matt Smith's ears stuck out but it's cute! And, good Time Lord, does he look good with a buzz-cut! Now, I may not be involved in the mainstream entertainment industry, but I DO know that certain actors and performers are strictly barred from changing their appearance whenever they want, especially those in television. This leads me to believe that maybe, just MAYBE, Matt Smith's sudden haircut may be a spoiler for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special! Meaning, if actors can't drastically change their looks (and let's be honest, part of Smith's key identifier as the Doctor -- bow tie aside -- is the swoop of hair), could it be possible that Matt Smith's Doctor will be regenerating some time during or at the end of the special? I think so (especially after having read spoilers of the season 7 finale airing this Saturday) Then again, I could be embarrassingly wrong again. The last time I made a speculation involving the Whoniverse, I turned out to be completely wrong. If we recall, I thought the little girl we saw regenerate in a NY alley was a reintroduction of Classic Who villain, the Rani, turns out it was River Song before we knew she was part Time Lord (Lady?). Either way, I'm excited for both Doctor Who and Smith's involvement with Ryan Gosling! May the grody slash-fiction begin! Images source: OLV & @Bananadoc