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GameStop Announces Arkham Knight Exclusives

If you were wondering what that pixelated pic from GameStop was where they mentioned a big announcement coming up, well... Turns out the announcement is for this little game I'm sure none of you have heard of -- Arkham Knight? These exclusives are for GameStop pre-orders only! Pre-orders will come with not one but TWO (2) additional DLC packs where you will be able to play as both Harley Quinn (which, apparently, was announced about a month ago and I totally missed it) aaaaand the Red Hood! Arkham Knight Pre-order Consider my pants officially wet!

First Look at Colton Haynes as Arsenal in CW’s Arrow!

Colton Haynes as Arsenal Holy crap, you guys! Colton Haynes' Roy Harper has come out to play and he's looking all neat and fetish-y! Entertainment Weekly just released this image of the Arrow star as Arsenal and includes some news on Roy's involvement in season 3! Says ew.com:

Last season on Arrow, Roy Harper was injected with Slade’s Mirakuru serum and had to deal with all of the rage that went with it. But now that Roy is Mirakuru-free, what will season three hold for the wearer of red hoodies? For one thing, another red hoodie.

As comic-book fans know, Roy Harper sometimes goes by another name: Arsenal. And not only can EW confirm that Roy will be joining Team Arrow as a fully fledged member in season three, but here’s an exclusive first look at Colton Haynes, who plays Roy, too—in full Arsenal attire (above).

The Arsenal suit will make its first appearance in the first episode of season three, which returns Oct. 8 on The CW.

15 New ‘Arkham Knight’ Images Released!

The clever folks over at eurogamer have put together an HD gallery of 15 new images for Arkham Knight! From what I've read, we're getting serious face-time with the Riddler, like, to the point where his appearance changes through the course of the game (ala Batman's in all the Arkham games)! Add to that some possible time with Oracle, as suggested from the image in the gallery. Holy time-span, Batman! I can't wait to play this! (Side note: Did anyone else know Batman develops a 5 o'clock shadow by the end of Arkham City? I sure didn't.)

Batman: Arkham Knight Teaser Trailer Released!

Holy titillation, Batman! Along with a brand new trailer (below), we now know three tidbits confirmed for Arkham Knight: first, we are now getting a DRIVABLE FRICKIN' BATMOBILE! Second, Kevin Conroy is coming back as the voice of the Dark Knight! Hee! And last but not least, the game has been given back to Rocksteady, the folks who brought us the first two Arkham games! If you're like me, you thought WB Montreal's Arkham Origins -- though decent -- was a major disappointment and needed to die a slow, painful, icy death. I've only played through the story mode once, haven't touched it since. Meanwhile, I've lost track how many times I've gone back to the first two to play again and again. Even after Origins. Gripes aside, I can't wait to get my hands on this!

Why Young Justice?

As many fans of DC Comics and Saturday morning animation are keenly aware, one of the better animated series of late just aired its last-ever episode this past Saturday. Young Justice never quite caught the stride it should have with viewers, and to be fair that was of no fault to the series itself. When it premiered in 2010, Cartoon Network was doing something kind of amazing: airing a primetime bloc of animation on a Friday night. It felt very much like "okay, kids, you can watch these cartoons, but we want you to bring your big brothers & sisters and your moms & pops into the room to watch them with you." At the time they were airing (if I'm not mistaken) an iteration of Ben-10 that was very much a young adult version of the popular kids' series; as well as the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series that was in its prime of presenting some heavier subject matter for new fans and old fans alike. The network hyped the upcoming Young Justice series pretty heavily, with adverts hailing the hour-long movie that would kick it all off. As an evening series, it seemed to have held a little more gravitas than it later would as a Saturday morning cartoon, even if the subject matter would indeed grow more mature. Taking place on Earth-16 (a fact that isn't exactly alluded to in the series, but that most DC fans would understand), Young Justice presented three core members starting the team, joined quickly by two more, and eventually many others. Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West) and Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm) were the trio strike team initially tasked by the Justice League to take care of business and infiltrate a Cadmus base. There, they rescued Superboy (Kon-el) who had a chip on his shoulder for being a clone of Superman and began thereafter struggling with his own identity. Rounding out the "first five" was Miss Martian (M'gann M'orzz, aka Megan Morse.) In many ways, Young Justice evoked the same types of emotions that typically was left to properties like the original X-Men cartoon from the early 90's, and really, utilized the same themes that have been unique to X-Men since its inception. Young Justice capitalized on that same "outsider" mentality that made the X-Men so universally relatable. Identity was a huge issue for many of the characters in the first season. Superboy wanted to prove himself as his own person, often trying to be more than Superman himself. Miss Martian was not in fact the niece of J'onn J'onzz as she was initially introduced, but in fact a White Martian posing a Green Martian, stealing her backstory and personality from an early Earth adolescent TV show. Robin was handpicked by his elders as the leader of the team, but decided he wasn't ready to fulfill that destiny. Artemis, who joined a few episodes in, claimed ties to Green Arrow (and he obliged the cover story) when in fact she came from a line of criminals and was trying to prove something to herself about her own nature. The typical isolating journeys of self discovery that most teenagers experience in their later teens – and in college especially – these teammates were experiencing during puberty, and at the same time saving the world. No pressure.
Young Justice
Personally, I think it was that universal appeal of struggling with ones identity that resonated so deeply with the viewership. Cartoons have long been playgrounds for writers to infuse adult themes and humor into a medium aimed at a young demographic, but it just so happened that the topic of identity, which teenagers can identify so easily with, is a topic that sticks with a person throughout his or her entire life. No matter how adjusted you become, questions of identity never fully go away. A slew of DC Animation series (good ones, too) will be making their way to Netflix Instant streaming at month's end, so that will hopefully ease some of the pain viewers have from losing this young team too soon. Artist Christopher Jones who worked on the Young Justice series has been asked via Twitter and his personal Tumblr page if he forsees a possible return of the series, but due to licensing the DC characters and having the Warner Brothers studio loosen their grip, not to mention the difficulty of relaunching any series after cancellation, he seems to think it won't be possible. However, Veronica Mars was a Warner Brothers property, and they just found success with Kickstarter in launching a movie project. It is not an impossible feat, but it is most definitely improbable. In the meantime, I do hope that Warner Brothers will bundle the series at a much less expensive bundle for sale on digital storefronts like iTunes. I'd certainly like to digitally own both seasons, but papa's gotta eat too. On a quasi-related note, I want to jump into the "BluePulse" shippers that became a staple of season two especially on Tumblr, but that is an entirely different article. So for now, just take a look at the #bluepulse tag on Tumblr.


Meet one deviously sexy DC villain/anti-hero by the name of Catman. That’s right, Cat-MAN! Much like Catwoman, but without the icky girly-bewbz! I will admit, not being an avid reader of comics, I never really cared to look into him until recently and…boy, do I regret that! I won’t get into details (because if I do then I’ll likely focus on the fact that he’s a ginger) but I’ll leave you with this interesting little factoid: Catman is bisexual. Oh, yes! This muscle-mass of inky man-meat may be on the market for some men!

[pause for audible "Oooh!"]

And, as if he just weren’t drawn sexy enough already, please direct your attention to some of the images below. Aside from the few where he’s completely nude (!), you’ll notice one version of his costume is simply boots, gloves, a harness/cape, obligatory utility belt, AND A SPEEDO. That’s it! God(s) bless the artists and creative minds behind that! Really. Oh, and I wouldn't be a proper creep and a perv if I didn't include the last pic. I didn’t even mean to find it, but the stuff that turns up on Google sometimes is fantastic! (All I did was search "Catman," that's all.) Continue reading Cat-MAN?