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Sam Witwer, Force Wielder

I'd heard some hype surrounding the new SyFy series Being Human so I decided to add it to my DVR queue. It's a remake of a fan-favorite British series (which so much of American television is these days) so I figured I had to give it a shot. Especially since Sam Huntington was starring as a werewolf. As a kid, Huntington was one of my first crushes (or at the very least, one of the first guys to become masturbation fodder) due largely in part to his role as a loin-clothed teen in that Tim Allen vehicle known as Jungle 2 Jungle. Given his usually plucky approach to his roles, I figured he would make a rather entertaining Werewolf. Also, he starred as Jimmy Olsen (a perfect fit) in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, lending to his nerd-cred. With three episodes already recorded, yesterday I decided it was time to actually begin the damn thing before the list got so daunting that I ended up avoiding it altogether. As the first episode began, I realized I'd seen the vampire from somewhere else. I'd spent a lot of time looking at that face from some program, but what was it? I kept thinking of movies and television shows I knew him from, but came up with absolutely nothing. (He was on many episodes of Smallville and Battlestar, but I've never watched full episodes of either of those shows. Sue me.) I begin to think maybe his dimpled chin and lower lip were so unique to his look that I'd simply catalogued a one-time appearance from a favorite show and simply thought he was more recognizable than he truly was. Finally, I had to search it. That's when a pretty awesome revelation hit me; I recognized his face from a video game! Sam Witwer in addition to being an actor aslo spent a fair amount of time as a stunt man. His dual nature in this regard led him to being the mo-cap model for the Star Wars: Force Unleashed primary character Starkiller/Galen Marek. This video-game specific story took place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. If you're a Star Wars fan you'll know that this was a big deal, because the story was developed with George Lucas' blessing and guiding hand to establish the fact that Vader had indeed trained an apprentice. So involved with the game was Lucas that the story is regarded as canon to the Star Wars Universe. The reason I find this so important is that despite his obvious success before Force Unleashed and Being Human, the fact that it was indeed a video game that I recognized the actor from leads me to believe that this sort of recognition and cross-media acting roles are going to become more commonplace in the future. Not only will established actors be lending their voices to games, but perhaps licensing their appearances not for the sake of novelty, but for the sake of storytelling. Now that the video game graphics technology has almost caught up with real life, I believe there might be a chance for an unknown actor to have a starring role in a video game and launch a career from it. And that is pretty cool. Witwer is also currently lending his voice to the role of "The Son," a mysterious 'force wielder' on Cartoon Network's Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. (Which I happen to think are some of the best Star Wars stories told, mind you.)
And a shot of Sam Huntington since I gushed about him earlier.