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Two Connors in One Day: Corbin Fisher’s Connor Makes A Comeback

Corbin Fisher's Conner is the most recent "tent pole" performer to make a comeback to the site after an extended absence. In Hollywood, the "tent pole" films are the ones that bring in the most money for the year so that they can fund all of the operations & other projects they have going on. In the world of web-only porn sites, the equivalent comes in the form of performers instead of standalone movies.  In the history of Corbin Fisher performers, Lucas was the first of such performers. Next came Dawson, and then arguably Travis, but one could Connor falls more into that third slot. There are others, of course (Dru, Aiden) but Connor is a sight to behold. The tall, blond, and stacked performer is a modern staple of gay porn and it's a joy to see him back in action, in a bareback threeway no less. tumblr_n6jqjjdQV71s7twfho1_500 tumblr_n6jqjjdQV71s7twfho3_500   tumblr_n6jqjjdQV71s7twfho4_500 tumblr_n6jqjjdQV71s7twfho6_500 tumblr_n6jqjjdQV71s7twfho7_500 [gifs by x]

Double Penetrating Dawson

So, Corbin Fisher's resident stud Dawson got double-penetrated a little while ago on the site. To sum it up into two words: fucking hot. Lucky studs Scott and Chandler pound Dawson's ass bare, unload on his hole and go right back to pounding some more. That's really all you need to know before you head over to see for yourself. It's an incredibly hot scene. Double Penetrating Dawson2

Oh, Jeff

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Yeah, bitch, look at me.

Corbin Fisher's Elijah giving a rousing blowjob to the performer formerly known as Ty. He now performs as Andrew Stark at Randy Blue.

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