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Jake Bass + Connor Maguire for CockyBoys

IMG_6503 Connor Maguire is one of the best performers ever to have had the misfortune to work for Next Door Studios. After that studio pretty much sank like the Titanic, Connor did most of his work for Men, AKA The Jonny Rapid Milk Machine. Fortunately for us, he seems to be a bit of a free agent right now, so he's exploring his options and working for studios where you might have never expected him to show up. Case in point: he recently teamed up with Jake Jaxson's team over at CockyBoys to deliver one hell of a scene with consummate bad-boy Jake Bass. Both guys have some sexual similarities and personal differences that make them a compelling duo on screen. Connor is the muscled, all-American jock, and Jake is the lean, skaterboy Franco-Canadian import. Connor and Jake both have hefty uncut cocks relative to their frames, and both guys are excellent versatile performers. IMG_6633 The separate opening interviews with each guy are true to character. Jake is ever evocative, and Connor opens with a Superman reference. It becomes clear as they keep talking that each guy is going to pair well with the other. Oh yeah, and did I mention the blatantly obvious? Connor is a ginger, and gingerness is next to godliness. header_new_nsfw