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Tell Vine To Stop Fucking Us

Twitter owns the popular 6-second video sharing app Vine. Vine has become popular with a number of porn stars, including the always technology-forward and social savvy Maverick Men. However... Vine just announced some changes to its handling of "adult content." As they put it, "For more than 99 percent of our users, this doesn’t really change anything. For the rest: we don’t have a problem with explicit sexual content on the Internet –– we just prefer not to be the source of it." Which I call some bullshit on. Conner Habib has started a Change.Org petition wherein he states the following:

Censorship affects all of us.

The important role of the Vine app - as a medium for users to freely express themselves - is under threat from a new policy. As of March 6th, 2014, Vine has decided to remove all content labeled "adult content" and to suspend or ban users creating any content labeled "adult."  Vine's stated reason for doing this is because they want users to "be comfortable." Many of us - as users of vine - do not participate in viewing or creating adult content, but we all recognize Vine as a place for freedom of expression. We are disturbed by the precedent set on Vine for other applications and websites, including Twitter.  We are also disturbed that we are not allowed to choose what we view. Vine's perception of its users as a community that advocates censorship is wrong.  There is nothing comfortable to us about the slippery slope of censorship. For these reasons, we demand full restoration of adult content on vine and a return to the adult content warning system previously in place.

Last year, Tumblr started enforcing with a little more gusto, a rule that they've always had on the books. Their TOS have always stated that they prohibited sexual videos (pictures & GIFs are welcome) because of the expense associated with hosting large video files. Being that Tumblr has always had the rule on the books – despite a team too small to effectively enforce it before gaining access to Yahoo's resources – there really wasn't too much hubbub around the action. Sure, there was some hysteria from some uninformed users, but it subsided quickly.  Hell, even when Tumblr was advising users against posting porn to their own servers, they were more than happy to suggest hosting it elsewhere and embedding it into Tumblr-provided blogs. Their approach wasn't a matter of having your cake & not eating it, it was really more like BYOC. (Bring your own cake.) The Vine situation is different, though. Since Twitter has long had a silent agreement regarding pornographic images & accounts (as long as it's legal, it's fine) Vine adopted much of the same attitude upon its launch. Now, they're reneging on the service for a good chunk of the user base. They say 99% of folks won't be affected; do they not even bother researching their own usage stats by members? Porn is always the king of internet traffic. Even in countries with one DSL line, 5 computers and a Theocratic government, Porn rules the bandwidth traffic. And considering that Vine is essentially a souped up GIF, the compression that the video files go through is most certainly not the strain on servers that an actual video would be. I challenge the Vine IT department to provide proof otherwise. Sure, services like Tumblr & Google have instituted more stringent filters in their search engines lately, requiring users to dig a little deeper to find the T&A content, but the fact is, the content is still there. It's just been made harder to "accidentally" stumble across.

[Editor's Note] My guess is that it's an effort to cover their liability should some underage doofus run across some porn, get found out by their parent and then have the fucktard parent sue the company & win by the ruling of some conservative activist judge in a Red state. #runonsentences

At any rate, a strong response is needed. Whether or not it changes Vine's decision is not the entire issue, as far as I'm concerned. What they need to see is a strong response of concerned and active users. The older the internet gets, the more complacent its users become about the obstruction of expressive freedoms. But this deserves the full minute of your time it will take to fill out the form. We need more sex-positivity in this society, and most importantly on our social networks where so much of our communication is now happening. Click the image below to sign the petition. Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 7.23.47 PM

A Spoonful of Conner

Today, since I'm feeling froggy, how about a few Conner Habib gifs? These moving pictures are just a snippet of his porn prowess. Also, if you've never read any of his writing, go check out his blog. His mind is his most impressive asset (and he bares every single one of his stellar assets for everyone to see.) All gifs created by All That Heaven Allows.

(My particular favorite is Conner having his ass eaten by Heath Jordan in the last one. Woof. So much fur on the pair of them.) While you're at it, log in to Facebook and go 'like' this page which aims to bring attention to the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast and crew. I mean, let's face it, a porn version of Charlie? It would definitely be Conner. Also, be sure to use the hashtags #ConnerOnSunny and #ConnerAsCharlie on Twitter.

Music Monday Double Whammy: Jeb Havens

It's not often I decide to feature two artists on one day, but by god, you're all in for a treat today! Earlier I suggested you start listening to Tyler James, and now I'd like to further broaden your easy listening horizons with an artist by the name of Jeb Havens. If you were to ask me to pinpoint a man other than myself who most closely embodies the tenants of #nerdjizz, I think that person would be Jeb. While I've never had the good fortune of meeting him (yet,) everything I know about him so far points to true #nj potential. First and foremost, Jeb has sex appeal, and he has plenty of it to spare. He's a hunky otter who has spent some time in front of the camera. From what I've seen, he's never taken it all off (it seems that unfortunately, he has a bit more class than I do) but nonetheless, he's not ashamed to show off the hard work he puts in at the gym. He's also best friends with one of my porn-y heroes: Conner Habib. That they are friends speaks well to the intelligence and character of both men. The nerd cred is strong with Jeb, to boot. He's a senior game designer at Google. I don't know about you, but that makes me at once blindingly jealous and also attracted to him. Stop living the life I want, Jeb! Stop it! But this is a #musicmonday post, after all, so I'll get on to the tune-talk. His current self-titled EP can be found on iTunes. I can say with full confidence that it is a $6 very well spent. So get it. My favorite track from the collection is "Wake Up Call." I realize I'll sound as if I'm gushing when I say the following, but I honestly stand beside it %100: "Wake Up Call" is precisely the kind of song that has the kind of versatility to be used as a soundtrack song, a lead single, or be sold to a Top 10 artist. It's that good. Truthfully, I wish I was a screenwriter just so I could begin writing a script completely built around this one song. Okay. Right. Gushing. But really. Take a listen below, and judge for yourself.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

It's not just his original music that makes him worthy of your time; in his residential San Francisco, he can often be found performing Fiona Apple songs in piano bars like Martuni's. That's precisely what he's doing in the video below. Specifically, he's performing a pared down and powerful rendition of "I Know." Not to inject too much commentary about that song, but Fiona wrote it about the situation surrounding my very first ex-boyfriend. I swear. Find Jeb on Facebook Find Jeb on Twitter Find Jeb on The Intrawebs Find Jeb on iTunes

Thursday’s Trio of Tweets

As I was perusing my Twitter feed just now, I came across a trifecta of sexy images, so I thought I'd be so kind as to share them with you guys. First up is a photo that Conner Habib tweeted featuring two great components: his cock and Billy Byron's mouth.

Next up is a magnificent display of Donny Wright's jockstrapped bulge. Seriously. Mmmf. And finally, Jamie Cole (that's a kneeling Jeremy Feist with his back to the camera) finally reveals his gingered face for the world to see! http://www.fabmagazine.com/coverguy/jeremy-feist-and-jamie-cole-gay-sex-survey-2011?galleryposition=1

Tangled Up In Sex

I can haz all three?

Cocksure Men has been consistently producing some great content lately. Between directors Jasun Mark and John Tegan and producer Jake Cruise, you're getting some quality sexin' on the pages of CM.

One of the best scenes to come along recently has been a threeway between one of my all-time favorite performers, Conner Habib, starring alongside Cocksure exclusive Morgan Black and beautifully built and furry Heath Jordan. Mind you, this scene debuted in February... and I'm still yankin' my chain to it on a regular basis. Heath is an example of the kind of performer who has one of those stacked bodies the studios love, but he eschews the "smooth muscle" image they employ as often as he can. This young man is furry, and he looks damn good when he goes au naturale and lets his pelt fly free. His body is a one-two combo for fans of muscle-worship and fur-love. It's obvious that this fresh-faced young cub is going to age into a devilishly handsome bear.
Here's Heath, in a grand display of cocksucking.
Conner is a great example of what a man should be. Smart, fucking sexy, and completely without airs. His horny, intelligent, playful persona is no act. He's literally just as horny in real life as he seems on camera and he's completely owns it. But, I guess telling you that is a bit redundant. I mean, he is having sex for a living, after all. His above-average intellect is just the cherry on top of his sexual sundae.
Conner's ass is nothing less than a natural wonder.
Morgan is my image of what sex personified would be. A little rough, hairy in all the right places and with a soul and energy as warm and as passionate as the sun itself. I know I'm not the only one who picks attributes in performers and wishes we could find them in our search for partners in real life, but I don't just want someone who emulates Morgan. I want Morgan.
Morgan's release. I bet when you watch this video, you won't last as long as him.
All three of these men are cut from a similar cloth. Each unique in their own way, but threads of raw sexuality and genuine delight in the rugged male body bind them together. Scroll down to watch a clip from this smoking hot scene, and also follow these fine gentleman on Twitter. If you're on an iPhone or iPad and the video below doesn't show up, click here. Compliments of RocketTube Find Conner on Twitter and Online. Find Heath on Twitter. Find Morgan on Twitter. Visit Cocksure men by clicking below and sign up to enjoy more hot videos like this one!