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Kiss • Hug • Fuck • Love

nsfw I know at this point I'm basically just an unofficial shill for the CockyBoys brand, but when they release something this good on a consistent basis, it's hard not to be. For example: Roadstrip was a great sendup of the comedy duo misadventure genre, albeit with a decidedly sexual tinge. Project GoGo Boy was an en pointe examination of the nature of the blurred lines between projected narrative, perceived narrative and  Reality TV. Oh, and sexy/juicy drama. A Thing Of Beauty was maybe the best lit film of last year and an astute foray into the romanticized erotic films of yesteryear, shot with a decidedly modern aesthetic. The Haunting is a Southern Gothic tale about how carnal desires and the supernatural can intertwine, and how real it can feel - whether it's happening or not. Answered Prayers, Jake's high-concept story began late last year. Featuring some of the best CockyBoys exclusives, and a few legendary non-exclusives like Diesel Washington, Answered Prayers is a visual wild ride. There are also countless standalone scenes between and bookending the films mentioned that have their own unique microcosm of sex and story. What sets CockyBoys apart from their peers is their willingness to incorporate a narrative and vision into their work without the films being classified as "genre" or "schtick." There are studios who of course specialize in a singular theme in the majority of the works they produce, ranging from the kink end of the spectrum to the more tame cookie-cutter scenario scenes. Jake, RJ & Benny are not afraid to push the limits of what stories a predominantly pornographic company can tell though. They're certainly not producing content that would be found in a mainstream movie theater, but they're not limiting the scope of their stories to be just porn, either. sfw Anyway, I've said as much before either here or elsewhere, so this isn't exactly news to some of you. The latest film, debuting first in incremental scenes on the website, is called Kiss. Hug. Fuck. Love. It is a spiritual successor to the aforementioned A Thing Of Beauty. Starring a handful of recurring players from that film (including world-favorite Colby Keller-- seriously, who doesn't love this guy?) this one is an exploration of the love that can be found in fleeting moments of human interaction. It re-introduces Justin Matthews (he formerly worked at Sean Cody as Taylor) as well as his musical skills. This may very well be the first time in recent memory that "guy playing guitar" has been used in gay porn without an element of camp. The guy can actually play guitar, more importantly play it well, and he has a decent voice. [Side note: the editing in the first 10 minutes of the first scene is ridiculously good, particularly with the music. Props to Cilantro.]

From the studio:

Beginning with Colby and Duncan waking up to the faint echo of Justin's singing, Kiss•Hug•Fuck•Love transforms into another one of CockyBoys intense and erotic sexual encounters between three men and one of the hottest captured on film.

Colby shows yet again he's one of the most dynamic performers working today, and Duncan once again proves his proverb as a skilled and diligent lover. Meanwhile, our newest CockyBoy, Justin Matthews, effortlessly transfers his confidence in his music into confidence of a man with desire, plucking, strumming and pounding his partners like the strings of his guitar.

The second scene is out and features perennial CockyBoy extraordinaire Gabriel Clark and acrobatic newcomer Levi Karter. Pro-tip: There are two great Cocky Levis on the site right now; blonde Levi Michaels and brunette Levi Karter.   kiss-hug-fuck-love-36 IMG_9550

CockyBoys: Levi + Colby = Magic

I'll admit that in the grand scheme of adult entertainment, I don't venture far from my "regulars." On occasion, I'll scour some tube sites if I'm in the mood for a quick release. When it comes to studio porn, I really never venture further than the one-two combo of CockyBoys & Corbin Fisher.  Well, make it a three-fer: I do enjoy GuysInSweatpants as a little side-piece. All three studios do a great job at conveying a real connection between performers in a majority of scenes. Occasionally a standard filler scene will slip through, but as of late, neither of them could be accused of being "content farms," constantly churning out quantity instead of quality. This CockyBoys scene featuring Colby Keller and Levi Michaels though... it's something else. Now, I know, a lot of CockyBoys scenes have really great foreplay segments, but in the world of online porn, the foreplay isn't always the most sexual thing we want to see as porn viewers. We want action, action, action. But I am telling you, the chemistry between these two is really, really something special. Like, make-you-leak-in-your-boxers special. The sex is even better, but do not – I repeat DO NOT – fast forward through this video. It's one of the best non-serial scenes Jake Jaxson & company have put out in a long time. If you're still skeptical, here's 3 and a half minutes of the scene to convince you:
Straight from the horse's producer's mouth:
 Colby Keller said right up front that the first thing he noticed about Levi Michaels was his butt. He loved everything about it -- the shape, the way it jiggled, and how everything he wanted to do to Levi involved it. On the other hand, Levi loves a man of passion. And he said he could immediately feel the sparks flying when he first kissed Colby.First impressions definitely went a long way this time around, because Colby and Levi just clicked together. The way they kissed, held each other, and laughed together was reminiscent of a couple who'd known each other for years, and that intimacy only intensified when they finally got naked.
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Weekly Wednesday Pull List – 3/5

This week I'm taking shining the #nerdjizz spotlight on two DC books and one from Image. detectivecomics29cvr Detective Comics - #29 The Gothtopia Finale is here. Finally. Now, listen, I understand the necessity of a filler storyline like 'Gothtopia', but I do wish it had been executed with a bit more finesse. The name itself is a bit uninspired, but considering they needed a story arc to placate a few of the peripheral Bat-Family books while Forever Evil is going on in the DC Universe-at-large, I am in fact willing to forgive even the name. One of the highlights of the series for me was the opportunity to see a bright color scheme applied to the Bat-family. The names were only slightly off-putting. Batgirl became 'Bluebelle', Batwoman became 'Brightbat', Black Canary became 'Warbler' and so forth and so on. Catwoman had my least favorite alternate codename: Catbird. Sounds like a rejected mid-Nineties nickelodeon cartoon, but I guess there are only so many variations of animal names to use and stay true to the theme. ANYWAY. This issue wraps up the mini foray into a utopian Gotham, and while I didn't love it to pieces, a part of me is sort of glad it happened. Clearly we're never going to get to see the gang in happy circumstances ever again, so it was neat while it lasted. forever-evil-6-nightwing Forever Evil - 6 of 7 The primary arc taking place in the central DC universe is almost coming to a close. The editors at DC's top have been all about unifying many of the primary books into a central story ever since The New 52 took hold. I'm a little mixed on it. On one hand, it makes sense on paper to have a unifying narrative. On the other hand, the creative freedom for the writers to explore their own story lines is stifled, and ergo, the overall storytelling suffers. Early last year we saw all three Justice League Books – Justice League, Justice League of America & Justice League Dark – converge for the Trinity War. Trinity War was in fact a precursor to Forever Evil. The Crime Syndicate - the über-evil version of the Justice League from Earth 3 - has invaded and nearly incapacitated the whole roster of heroes. There have been ...a lot... of characters thrust into the story, and really, every single page feels a little too crowded. Not to mention the fact that every 7 pages there seems to be a new solution to the Crime Syndicate problem, only to be thwarted/replaced/retooled or revamped. It's a classic case of trying to do way too much in far too little time & space. TheSaviors03 Saviors - #3 Now here's an original story to refresh the ol' mind palette. Illustrated by an artist I admire very much, j.bone, Saviors is the tale of a sleepy New Mexico town where nothing actually is as it appears and an invasion is taking place right under everyone's noses! It's a sendup to classic alien-vs-human comic book capers of the 50's & 60's but set with a very modern vibe. The protagonist is an unwitting party to the whole shebang, and longs for the days when he was blissfully ignorant of the conspiracy that lurks in every shadow and around every corner. Could you blame him? God knows I'd wanna just smoke a doobie and zone out the world if something that major happened to me. Self-preservation manifests itself differently in everyone. It's definitely a book to keep up with for as long as it runs. The art truly is great. If you're not familiar with j.bone, you might very well recognize this paper doll version of Colby Keller he drew a few years back: ColbyKeller_fashionDollClick the image to go to his personal sketch blog. He takes periodic breaks whenever work hits, as it's doing now, but he'll update again soon. If you feel so inclined, pick up the comics above at your local comic shop or via Comixology on the iOS App Store.

Guise… srsly…

I mean, srsly guise... IMG_1201 guise... IMG_1214 srsly... IMG_1314 srsly guise... IMG_1396 srsly guise srsly... IMG_1428 Go log in and watch this RITE NAO. SRSLY.