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Weekly Pull List: 6.25.14

Justice League #31 JL-31 Power Ring was the simply-named Doppelgänger to Green Lantern from the Crime Syndicate. He was, despite the raw, well,  power of his ring, not strong enough to contain its will, and much like the Lantern Corps rings, a new host was found. This new host will be very much a challenge for the Justice League in this post-Forever Evil world.


Catwoman #32 CTW-Cv32-467a8 Selina is still in the midst of the thieving competition she was drawn into a few issues back. Last issue she did quite well for herself, and finally figured out how to manipulate the Mirror Master against himself to work to her advantage. This time around, she's up against challengers from her fellow world-class burglars.


Tomb Raider #5 STK641170 In what I found to be a rather interesting move, Lara decided in the last episode that the only way to stave off the Yamati forces that haunt her and her crew is to in fact return to Yamati and effectively return the juju to the island and go from there. Two weeks ago we actually got a glimpse at the trailer to the newest Tomb Raider game, and since the Dark Horse comic serves as an official narrative bridge between the two I'm beginning to see some potential disconnects between game scriptwriter Rhianna Pratchett and comic writer Gail Simone. Of course, we'll have to wait until the new game is released to be sure. Possible incongruous story lines aside, the comic still really is a good read, and that's why I'd encourage you to pick up the latest issue.

Weekly Pull List – 5.28.14

Repercussions from the Crime Syndicate are finally working themselves out. Meanwhile, Catwoman is keeping busy on the side. Catwoman #31 MAR140227 Catwoman has been involved in the Forever Evil, and has been working on the team that essentially saves the world. However, in her own book, she's being kept busy by an entirely different enemy.


Nightwing #30 tumblr_n69rgsVTjp1s3ndkqo3_1280 Dick was outed as Nightwing during one of the Crime Syndicate's first acts of anti-heroic terrorism. This issue marks the last of the Nightwing book (for now) and finds him venturing off on a new adventure. While most of the world thinks he was executed by Ultraman and the rest of the Crime Syndicate (see Forever Evil 1-7,) he's very much alive with only a handful of people knowing his fate. This turns out to be a very handy factor for his new adventures, which will continue in July's Grayson #1.


Suicide Squad #30 STK635358 Here's another book that is finding an end thanks to the events of Forever Evil. The Suicide Squad has been operating under the control of Amanda Waller, but she's pretty much a lone wolf now, so the current incarnation of the team is coming to an end. It will be relaunching soon (much like Teen Titans) but this is the end of the road -- for now. Now that Harley Quinn has her own book, I think I'll just stick with her and skip the next SS incarnation.

Weekly Pull List – 4.23.14

The Cat, The Explorer and the War. The Walking Dead - 126 Issue_126_cover To repeat an oft-used phrase, "it all ends here." Kirkman has been doing a pretty solid job of keeping this epic war between Negan's Saviors and Rick's survivors compelling without tiring out too many cliffhanger tropes. There have been casualties which have had real ramifications for the group. If you want to know what happens, click your cursor and highlight the following VERY SPOILERY text: Rick stays alive, of course. Negan is not in fact dead, but he will be Rick's prisoner for the rest of his natural life. Glen was killed back in issue 100, which isn't a surprise to longtime readers, but it might be for fans of the show. 

- - -

Catwoman - #30


Selina has been through a lot. She had to fight her way back to the surface after being stuck in the Gotham Underground (the literal, deep-down, world-beneath-the-city underground) and then she was hypno-poisoned by the Scarecrow along with the rest of Gotham, having hallucinations of a peaceful, unattainable Gotham life. She wants to hangup the catsuit and focus her energies on just being Selina, and not being Catwoman. But naturally that can't happen. After being coerced to attend a who's-who of world class thieves, she finds herself in trouble.

- - -

Tomb Raider - #3


I'm assuming that the direction of the Tomb Raider sequel is having an effect on the pacing of the comic series. Officially, both Square Enix & Dark Horse have said that the comic series will serve as a narrative canon bridge between games. It might explain the odd pacing we've seen thus far. Gail Simone is one of my favorite writers, and I do like what she's attempting, but there is an air outside influence to Gail's version of Lara's post-Yamati life. I do like the pairing of Lara and Reyes, though. Begrudged partnerships are just fun to watch.

The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit at LA Live

Ok guys, I think I've regained consciousness enough to post these pics! Over the weekend, we here at Casa de Roman found out about The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit at LA Live. Unfortunately, had we known in advance, we'd have gone sooner. The earliest we could go was today. The exhibit ends this Friday (12/14/2012) so there's still time to go! Admission is free and parking is literally right under the exhibit area (parking probably won't be more than $5)! There's a ton of great fan art, a life-size Catwoman made out of Legos, costumes from all three of the Nolan trilogy (MAN, Maggie Gyllenhaal is a stick of a thing! And I'm taller than Christian Bale and Tom Hardy - squee!), several Batmobiles, two tumblers and even the Bat-pod! A good chunk of these pictures are utter crap, I apologize for that, but I was just SO incredibly excited and armed only with my iPod Touch! I'm still all giddy! Check out my pics (and a video of the exhibit I found on YouTube) after the cut! Continue reading The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit at LA Live

Kyle. Selina Kyle.

First leaked shot of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle. (Many outlets have been referring to this as a Catwoman preview, but I'm not so sure that's the case, given the lack of head-gear. (High-tech goggles notwithstanding, of course.) Personally, I'm all for it. Her bouffant ponytail is a welcome throwback to the original on-screen Catwomen. Also, Kyle was a theif long before she adopted her feline persona, and from the looks of it, she's managed to jank the batcycle right out from under the Batman. Dark Knight Rises can't come soon enough!

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman | Inside Movies | EW.com.