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A Star Wars XBox!

Can we call it C-36P0? I want it no matter what it's called. I haven't upgraded to the sleek, new body style of 360's purely based on my love of my solid red Resident Evil Edition 360. But this bundle could possibly be the one to persuade me to make the switch. Who wants to donate to make this a #nerdjizz reality? Maybe if I ask real nice and promise blowjobs? I mean, c'mon... a 3P0 controller!? An Artoo body and Kinect sensor!? Papa wants. Click below to read more.

Star Wars Xbox 360: Use the Force, controller-free - CSMonitor.com.

Droid function: EXTERMINATE!

Who/Star Wars mashup! In tshirt form! YES!

Rampaged Reality, The robotic characters from Star Wars and Doctor....

What If…

...the Dynamic Duo were actually the most famous droid pairing in the galaxy? This:

  Rampaged Reality, There is nothing to fear when C3PO and R2-D2....