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Weekly Pull List – 2.12.14

The New 52, born out of The Flashpoint Event, hasn't exactly been loved by the masses, but I for one rather enjoy the current Bat-family. Sure, the practicality of it all isn't quite up to snuff – long story short, in this current generation, Bruce has only been Batman for about 5 years, and somehow he's still managed to cycle through all of the Robins? One Robin per year, I guess?  – but nonetheless, the storytelling until recently has been about the now, and not the past. The Zero Year arcs have attempted to bridge those gaps slightly, but it's still rough at best. Right now, the current major event that's happening across most books, Forever Evil, is apparently going to have even more repercussions for all of the DC heroes. Batman #28 3638215-img_1725 Originally, issue #28 was going to wrap up the Zero Year arc from the Batman book. A switcheroo was pulled though, and #28 became a preview book for a new weekly series that will be launching soon entitled Batman Eternal. Things are about to get even grittier, again. Scott Snyder tweeted this teaser on Twitter back in December: Pictured is Harper Row in her coming role as Bluebird.  The most recent Robin, Damian Wayne, was murdered at the command of his own mother, Talia al Ghul, and Bruce has been a little unhinged ever since and reluctant to replace him. Since the issue is a preview of what's to come though, it would appear he's ready to move and and Harper will be filling the Robin role. Oh, and all you Stephanie Brown fans? Read this issue. Batgirl #28 Batgirl_Vol_4-28_Cover-1_Teaser Babs has a new deranged villain on her tail in this issue, and to be honest, Gail Simone has created a pretty good one with Silver as he's called. He's a slight bit demented, literally viewing the Bat-family as "vampires" via hallucinations, and he sees himself as a righteous savior with his mission to destroy them. Barbara has to call in a favor from an old enemy in this issue, and she also kinda, sorta gets identified outside of her bat-suit. Simone is currently the writer on a growing handful of books, but her attention to her most successful book hasn't suffered as a result. Batgirl also makes a two-issue appearance on an unrelated matter in Simone's The Movement. Coming soon from Gail is the official Tomb Raider series that will lead into the new game. Walking Dead #121 the-walking-dead-121 Rick & Co. are in the middle of a war. If you're a fan of the show, you'll no doubt remember how the end of last season  lead up to the war between the prison & the Governor. This war is bigger & badder. Negan, the current antagonist of the series is a bad mofo, but he's a morally interesting person to read. Kirkman has done a pretty good job in creating an evil person who makes interesting unexpected choices. I mean, he's not a redeemable man by any stretch, but props to his unpredictability.