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Working all the right angles.


Cock + COCK.

Hayden Russo is Cocksure.

Point me in the right direction.
Hayden Russo is an enigma. An enigma with a massive, beautiful, jealousy-inducing uncut cock. If you head on over to Cocksure Men, you'll find quite a few scenes in which he's the undeniable star. He doesn't force it. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, he's a straight man whose day job just happens to be a whole lotta man-sexin'. Still, there's something about his gaze I have yet to work out. In appearance, he's part Nicholas Hoult, part Steve-O. I don't know about you, but that mixture alone is enough to keep me hanging on. But it's in his eyes. There's a curiosity about the situation and maybe even a vulnerability. Maybe I'm reading more into this fella than necessary. Maybe he reminds me of a friend from college. Regardless, he's a pleasure to watch.
Serviced by Tex Gemmell
A smile that says "Hey, I've got a giant uncut cock."
Thrusting into Park Wiley's mouth.
Disclaimer: most of Russo's scenes are bareback. My recommendation to watch his scenes is not an endorsement of bareback behavior. But, there's something about watching a man with a an obscenely large cock blow his load and then re-enter his partner without losing, ahem, steam that really kicks those fantasy wheels in one's head into high gear.
Look Ma, look what I can do!
There are many reasons you should be a member of Cocksure Men, but right, Hayden Russo is definitely one of the more interesting. Click on any picture of Russo or the banner below to see what all of my fuss is about.