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The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit at LA Live

Ok guys, I think I've regained consciousness enough to post these pics! Over the weekend, we here at Casa de Roman found out about The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit at LA Live. Unfortunately, had we known in advance, we'd have gone sooner. The earliest we could go was today. The exhibit ends this Friday (12/14/2012) so there's still time to go! Admission is free and parking is literally right under the exhibit area (parking probably won't be more than $5)! There's a ton of great fan art, a life-size Catwoman made out of Legos, costumes from all three of the Nolan trilogy (MAN, Maggie Gyllenhaal is a stick of a thing! And I'm taller than Christian Bale and Tom Hardy - squee!), several Batmobiles, two tumblers and even the Bat-pod! A good chunk of these pictures are utter crap, I apologize for that, but I was just SO incredibly excited and armed only with my iPod Touch! I'm still all giddy! Check out my pics (and a video of the exhibit I found on YouTube) after the cut! Continue reading The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit at LA Live