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Holy CosPlay, Batman!

The Boy Wonder, indeed.  


I Always Liked Robin’s Hot Pants

I found this interesting cel last night on Tumblr. Looks like it was a guideline for the animation studio. I notice Robin has a particularly unfortunate 2D bulge, but this was for the early 70's Super Friends, after all.  

  Peepshow Creepshow.

Not Your Father’s Toys

These action figures are decidedly more, ahem, detailed than anything Mego would've produced back in the late 60's/early 70's. My only point of contention is that I'm unconvinced Bruce and Dick's pubes would've been quite so coiffed. Regardless, I wouldn't mind adding these to my collection of action figures.

Dude Pictures I Like.

Woah. Illusions.

What do you see?

2 Bruces or 1 Logan? second-hand smoke..