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Guys in Sweatpants: Previewing Ashton Webber & Robbie R

I don't know much at all about these two porno n00bs that are going to be featured when Guys In Sweatpants launches, but I'm definitely anxious to see what they're capable of. First up is Ashton Webber. He's a cute blonde twink whose thin frame and pouty lips remind me of a BoyCrush version of Tony Hunter. [Edit. note: Literally five minutes after this post went live, Jake Jaxson of CockyBoys posted this. Fuckin' A, right? Also, take the time to check Ashton's Twitter avatar, because Jesus fuck, does he have some abs.] His bio:

22 years old

5’ 7” | 125 pounds | 8 inches, cut


I’m a communications major. I’ve done gymnastics all my life. I currently live in Kansas. If you went through my dresser you would understand what I mean when I say I have an underwear obsession. I spend most of my time hanging out with my friends, dancing, and working out. My turn-on is sucking cock; it’s really that simple. If you see me at a bar, I drink vodka and Red Bull. Hit me up on Twitter.

Next up is Robbie R. No surname, just "R." I know just as much about him as you will by the end of this post, but just wait 'til you get an eyeful of his dick.  Don't get me wrong, I bet his personality is great, and he has some pretty neat interests and yadda yadda yadda, but g'damn, that wang is ridiculous. Reminds me of one I've played with a couple of times, right down to that rightward curve. Behold: From the looks of it, Anthony Romero will be his first scene partner on launch day. Given the average time it takes between filming a scene and releasing it, I'd say Anthony should just about be walking normal again. Robby's Bio:

22 years old

5’ 6” | 165 pounds | 10 inches, cut


I'm definitely a Southern gentleman – love meeting people and having fun. I'm a fitness junkie and health nut, but I love to party. I love all races and all types of bodies. I have a massive appetite for sex—I want it all the time, and I always get it. I’m versatile when I need to be, but of course I was made to top. 

Robbie on Twitter.