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Doctor Who: P.S. – An Amy and Rory Epilogue

Some of us are still reeling from the kinda confusing conclusion to Amy and Rory's depressing departure from Doctor Who. I know I still am. But the one question that immediately went to my mind (as well as the majority of fans') during the last episode was: what about Rory's dad, Brian? Well, seems there WAS a scene in the script to conclude Brian's story but, unfortunately, it was never shot! Thankfully, the BBC has decided to release the scene (written by Chris Chibnall, creator of Brian) in storyboard form. They even brought Arthur Darvill back to voice Rory! Grab your Centurion Rory plushies (or this one) and squeeze 'em tight, nerds! This scene is a tear-jerker!

Geronimo! Doctor Who is Back Tomorrow

FINALLY! Tomorrow night, season 7 of Doctor Who premieres and we're all sitting on the edge of our seats here at #nj's virtual HQ, just itching to say, "Hello, sweetie!" again to our TV screens! In time for tomorrow's premiere, Nerdist's All Star Celebrity Bowling episode went live on their YouTube page today, featuring the Nerdist team vs the Doctor Who team! (No spoilers from me, give it a gander!) BBC America has also released special season 7 "movie posters" on the Doctor Who Facebook page to whet our appetites and make the wait all the more unbearable! Will you be watching? [Edit from Harvey] Even though Doctor Who Confidential is no longer with us, the BBC has produced a series of shorts (and that "short" description is no joke - these things are like a minute long) called "Pond Life" which are meant to tie in to the series and the manner in which the Doctor keeps up with the Joneses Ponds. Watch them all below! AND FINALLY, I'll leave you with an interview with Karen (Amy) and Arthur (Rory) discussing tomorrow's big episode! ALLONS-Y!