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Maleficent Flies!

It seems that Disney's Maleficent is exploring the title character's past quite a bit, because in this teaser, we see that since she is indeed a dark fairy, she had wings even prior to her eventual dragon forme. And they're fucking awesome wings. I mean... watch. (And watch it in HD.)

Music Monday: Lana Del Rey covers “Once Upon A Dream”

Disney just released a new trailer to their upcoming broody, moody Angelina vehicle, Maleficent, featuring a pretty broody, moody cover of "Once Upon A Dream" by Lana Del Rey. Lana Del Rey covers the classic "Once Upon A Dream" from the original 1959 film Sleeping Beauty. It's available for free via Google Play.

Oh HELL Yes! First ‘Maleficent’ Poster Revealed

[via Disney]
Fuck. Yes.  

Angelina Jolie becomes Maleficent

Be warned: this website is unashamedly and unequivocally pro-Jolie, so her role in the 2014 Disney tale "Maleficent" will be heavily chronicled here. Now on to the first promo photo of her stepping into the dark robes of the villainous sorceress:

Fucking. Awesome. Photo source: Angelina Jolie.

Valentines Day Fuckers!

Happy Valentines Day all you nerds and fuckers out there! Today I'm dedicating my this one and only Valentine post to a few of my favorite couples.

Barack and Michelle:

Ellen and Portia

Brad and Angie

Link and Zelda

Chris Porter and Samuel Colt

And there you have it. Oh, and I'll include one more photo of Chris and Samuel that makes me, the soulless wonder, melt into a puddle of goo:

If this isn't the cutest thing I've ever seen, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS!

Angie + Tech

= A happy Harvey. The love of my life can be seen here seemingly on a set with Brad  (photoshoot, maybe?) inspecting the computer herself. If she were caressing a MacBook, the status of my hard-on would be upgraded to "raging." I know. I ain't right.

Angelina Jolie.