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Secret Fantasies: Brock Armstrong and Seth Roberts @ brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

Welcome to the fourth episode of our "Secret Fantasies" series. In the 2.5 years we have been in business, one question has piqued my interest. To 'warm themselves up' before a shoot, most models close their eyes and fantasize about whatever gets themselves hard and in the mood. I have always wondered what these guys are fantasizing about. Our "Secret Fantasies" series answers that question. We asked our models what they are fantasizing about, and then we filmed it. The series is a real insider's look at what makes these models tick. This week we asked Seth Roberts what his secret fantasy was. His fantasy was about a guy who was a friend of his family back when he was young. His family used to throw parties a lot, and Seth always fantasized that this guy would be stay behind and help him "clean up." Well, after we made his fantasy come true, there was a LOT more to clean up!Seeing as how this movie is being released just before Christmas, I guess we can all fantasize about being the last one to stay at the Christmas party. Who knows, maybe our stockings will get stuffed.Plus, submit YOUR secret fantasy by clicking here. If we choose your fantasy to film, you'll get a free membership to our site!

Watch the full movie at

Chris Redfield Has A Boner.

From Humplex: "Hooray! Resident Evil 5 has been out for a few days now. Let's celebrate this event, Humplex style 😉 By making a gay flash game of course! Unfortunately for Chris he's been captured by the bad men. Fortunately, now's your chance to take advantage of him! :D" (Btw, there's no clicking necessary. Just rub the shaft from base to tip. You know the drill.) via RE5 Chris Redfield Masturbates (Flash).

The Englishman Played On

I've recently discovered a rather fantastic local musician who goes under the moniker 'Englishman' with his band. His name is Andrew English and he lives in nearby Lexington, KY. Recently he's been traveling all across North America, making stops in New England, Canada and the Great Lakes area. It should come as no surprise to those who know me and know my love for folk music that I'd be drawn to this gentleman's musical stylings. His voice is a pure instrument all it's own that has been rightfully compared to James Taylor. Englishman - Classically Trained

Lara Is Back.

Lara Croft is returning in a reboot to the Tomb Raider series. Does it need a reboot? That's the biggest question up for debate right now. Personally, I thought the latest game (not the XBLA offering) Tomb Raider: Underworld was just fantastic. It reminded me of everything I loved about the very first one, all while offering a very dynamic current-gen experience. The control was fluid, the environments were dynamic, and Lara was just as sexy as she'd ever been. However, I have to say I'm very intrigued by the direction this new game will take. I think it will certainly be a solid gameplay experience. It is the same team after all who brought us Underworld, so even if they just rehash the same mechanics with new polygonal skins, I'll still be happy.

Code Monkeys

Have you heard of a show called Code Monkeys? I hadn't. That's why I ask. It's apparently a few years old, having been shown on G4TV here in the states, and it just wound up on Netflix recently. It's set in the 80's practically at the dawn of the video gaming phenomenon. You'll derive the most enjoyment from the show if you have a basic knowledge of gaming history. However, if you'd simply enjoy a potty-mouthed workplace comedy displayed in 8-bit, the gaming knowledge really doesn't matter. Check it out!


Coming in 2011 is House of XY, a website from @amsterdirk and @pieter020. Dirk is a photographer, and as you can see from the following shot, his imagination is going to carve a very unique spot in the world of artistic pornography. Use the link below the photo to find the tumblr page, from which updates will be leaked until the launch of the site. A single drop of Logan McCree’s crystal clear pre-cum glistens amidst of a sea of colour:

via HOUSE OF XY - A single drop of Logan McCree’s crystal clear....

Guys with iPhones

Be my snow-day snuggle buddy?

Guys with iPhones.

Fucking Facebook.

I remember the day that I was first able to join Facebook. You see, kids, back in my day, Facebook wasn't open to the masses. It was strictly a service for college students. Our university was 'activated' on September the 18th, 2005. The buzz had been brewing for quite some time about the service because our peers in larger neighboring universities within a 75-90 mile radius could already access the site, naturally inciting a great deal of jealousy at my dear alma mater. Now granted, I'm aided in remembering the day so clearly because it fell one day after a dear friend's 21st birthday (the party for which is a night that shall never be forgotten.) I hold the memory dear, though, because it was a chance to be a part of a social network — god, how overused is that phrase nowadays? — that wasn't inundated with meaningless glitter graphics or oversized cartoon captions. No, this was certainly no myspace. Everyone's profile was in the same format. There was no changing the colors of your headlines. This was information being pushed at you without any frills. And today, we see not an entirely different format (though it has changed in ways that make me want to pull my hair out) but the simplicity that once ruled, has been in effect replaced and overruled by a desire to appeal to everyone. The me that existed in 2005, the one that saw Facebook as an invaluable tool for cultivating friendships is gone. The me that exists today doesn't think Facebook is worth keeping beyond May.

Cliff and Micah

Cliff Jensen Fucks Micah Andrews @ brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

Introducing newcomer Cliff Jensen! This scene is the very first that Cliff has ever shot. We figured to break him in, we'd pair him with power bottom Micah Andrews. Cliff has a gigantic cock (and it is uniformly thick throughout it's entire length). Even Micah had a hard time taking at first. Cliff did a pretty good job for his first scene, though you can tell he is nervous and not really sure how aggressive he can be. Micah helps him out in that regard. By the time the scene ends, Cliff is pounding the shit out of him!

Watch the full movie at

Suck my cock, nerd.

I stole this post (via GaySexNearby.) It's awesome and it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of #nerdjizz. Suck my cock, nerd. « GaySexNearby. Totally stolen from GaySexNearby. It fit perfectly within the theme.

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