iOS 7.1 Is Here, Queer, Get Used To It

Apple has finally released unto the masses the long-awaited incremental update to iOS 7, the first major overhaul in iOS in years. 7.1 doesn't bring too many changes on the surface, but it does improve the way things run under the hood glass. For a quick rundown on the biggest changes, watch this 9 minute video from iTwe4kz which covers just about any question you may have - even those about Jailbreaking. I've been sporting 7.1 beta for a while now, and while I didn't care at all for the newly-implemented circular buttons in the Phone app or the Power screen, I have to admit they have grown on me quite a bit. Logically I still think it makes sense to have larger buttons - a trait the rectangular buttons provided automatically - but the circular buttons do feel more thematic. 9to5Mac provided this new feature mashup during the beta period: screen-shot-2014-01-08-at-9-56-49-am   #nerdjizz advice: Definitely update. The team at Apple really did improve upon iOS 7 with this upgrade. The interface feels much more responsive and overall much more trustworthy. There clearly were some bugs that needed working through, and this update managed to squash most of them.