Weekly Pull List – 10.1.14

AAAAND WE'RE BACK. The latter half of summer has been a boondoggle for me, to be quite frank, but now I'm back in the mode of placing value on things that matter. One new thing that matters is a brand new monthly that launched today in the DC Universe called Gotham Academy. Gotham Academy - #1 STK652755 This brand new property is brought to the masses by writers Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher. (Fletcher is also co-headlining the new Batgirl creative team.) Karl Kerschl is bringing an inventive & fantastic style to the art direction of the book, and colorists Geyser & Dave McCaig round out the creative team on the debut. If you're like me and enjoy James Tynion's The Woods, I think you'll like Gotham Academy too. There's a creative freedom that comes with exploring the antics of late adolescence, especially within the confines of high school. The drama is dramatic-er, the puppy love is love-ier, and the shenanigans are shenanigan-ier. Academy just happens to be set in the most dramatic city of all. Complete with cameos by the Bat-Signal, which, let's be honest, is triggered there more often than the automatic entry doors at an Alabama Walmart. To set you up with some pretext, the lead character is a silver-haired scholarship student named Olive who just so happens to have been paired up as a mentor to her (ex)boyfriend's precocious freshman sister. The entire issue is laden with references to an off-page summer which will no doubt be the basis for many of the stories going forward. There's even an appearance by civilian-clad Bruce Wayne in the later pages, since the Wayne foundation has a stake in many of the scholarship goings-on around the city. Side-note: the very first classroom we get a peek into is "History of Gotham" and I would very much like to take that class, please and thanks. This is definitely a title to add to your pull list if you're a fan of DC and you want to read a "Gotham" book that isn't so rainy & dark. This is going to be a caper book full of fun and mystery!