The Grand Bioshock Finale: Burial At Sea, Episode 2

Ken Levine's grand series is coming to a *ahem* finite close today with the release of the final episode of BioShock: Infinite downloadable content "Burial At Sea." There are only two main entries to the series in my mind; Bioshock and Bioshock: Infinite. I know a great many folk who played Bioshock 2 and liked it. But, the world of Rapture was never meant to be the primary focus of the series, and once you've seen the end of Infinite, you'll know quite exactly what I mean. A few weeks ago, on the premiere of the "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" reboot, Neil Degrasse Tyson touched on multiverse theory. While multiverse and parallel universes (as we've come to know them in pop culture) are not synonymous, the ending of Infinite certainly makes one think about alternate realities in all their many possible forms. Could there in fact be alternate versions of ourselves somewhere out there? Or scratch the "out there" concept; could there be versions of ourselves somewhere around here? If you haven't played the Bioshock series, and any part of what I've discussed already piques your interest, I highly suggest you do play at least the first Bioshock and Bioshock: Infinite. "Burial at Sea" is an attempt to connect Elizabeth from Infinite to a version of Rapture before the catastrophes that eventually overtook and destroyed the version we know from the first game. Does this all sound a bit confusing? I swear it's really not, but it does require a sharp eye to catch all the details. This extended clip shows us what I presume to be the first moments of the episode. I have a few thoughts on the matter that I'll relegate to be continued after the jump.
  • First, this Elizabeth is a slightly older version of the Elizabeth from Infinite. Sure, there are, well, infinite versions of her thanks to the big reveal at the end of Infinite, but this is the same one from that game. We know this because only that Elizabeth had an ability to manipulate the "tears" between realities. That ability I presume stems from her existence in two of the realities, since the tip of her pinky finger was left in her native reality and she grew up in her adopted reality of Columbia. So, this is the "One True Elizabeth" as I'm calling her. (Of course, we all know her original name was Anna, but she's just Elizabeth for our purposes.)
  • The Booker we play in "Burial At Sea" is not the same version of Booker from Infinite. We know this because he is older, and also he's lived his entire life in Rapture. This Booker has only ever existed in Rapture, and has not been to or heard of Columbia.
  • What isn't clear is if Booker had a daughter in Burial At Sea. It is implied that the girl he's trying to save is a personal cause, but it's never quite revealed what the complete story is. It's quite possible that will all be revealed today in Episode 2. I'll report back.
All shall soon be revealed!