Pokemon: Explained

I don't know how many of you out there were like me, but in the mid-late nineties when the Pokémon craze had swept North America, I was at a perfect consumer age to join the bandwagon. I played the GameBoy games first. (Red and Blue initially, and then the special Yellow Pikachu edition.) I watched the cartoon. I almost started with the trading card game, but my young attention span, and relatively rural location nipped that particular trend in the bud. I went to the theater to watch the movie. I even bought the movie soundtrack, a gem I'm still waiting on iTunes to release. As I grew older, the franchise did what it had to to stay relevant. Thankfully, I lost interest after they decided to up the collectible monster count from 151 to god knows how many there are now.

Pokemon Explained « The Journal of Cartoon Overanalyzations.

At any rate, I suppose the one thing I enjoyed most out of all the different types of media Pokémon had infiltrated was the TV cartoon. There was mandatory purchases involved with the show. Sure, there's no doubt it inspired countless merchandise sales, but it was enjoyable as a stand-alone. I stumbled across this post some months ago, and seeing as how it fits with my geeky gamer past, I thought I'd share. It's a humorous look at the real meaning behind the show.

Pokemon Explained « The Journal of Cartoon Overanalyzations.
  • Jody

    You should buy the next game coming out in the series… Pokemon Black/White come out March 6th. Nothing like being a gay comic & poke-nerd. No wonder I never get dates. 😛