These birds are mad as hell!

And they're not going to take it anymore! If you're one of the few people who've not given in to the Angry Birds craze, I'm going to attempt to persuade you to jump on the bandwagon. I understand your skepticism. I really do. I was never a fan of "catapult" style games. Flash versions have existed online for years, and each one is just a sad rip off of the other. Some of them incorporated tower defense-style gimmicks, but the gameplay remained largely unchanged. So what makes Angry Birds different? I think it boils down to three things: style, widespread adoption and challenge. Style: There's no denying the game has character. Each bird is designed with it's particular "power-up" in mind. The rotund green pigs are amusingly loathsome. A level design often seems simple, only to later test one's mettle during the 15th attempt. Adoption: As I said above, I wasn't a fan of catapult games. The reason I ended up giving in was because so many of my friends had done so. A game becomes far more interesting when you can engage in some friendly social competition. Challenge: One thing that keeps this game interesting is not only upping the difficulty level slightly with each new "world" of levels, but interspersing a few easier levels before a particularly difficult one. Momentum of success builds and then BAM! Now you won't stop playing the difficult level until you finally succeed because you don't want to break that stride, now do you? The best thing about the app is that once you've made your purchase, all subsequent updates are free. Note: Console releases of the game, including the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are not likely to follow this same format. That means pay your couple of dollars (or 99 cents if you find it on sale like I did) and all new levels and content will be included as updates for free. Once you've finished the available levels of the original Angry Birds, invest in Angry Birds: Seasons. It began as Angry Birds: Halloween, and then evolved into Seasons once the Christmas levels were included in an update. I haven't heard any rumors as to what holiday Rovio will include next, but these birds are just quirky enough to pull off either Valentine's Day or St. Patricks Day with ease, so don't be surprised if levels full of hearts or shamrocks show up after you've made your purchase. Click on any of the pictures to purchase the apps.