The Suite Life of Kurt and Steven

Ok. I'm a man who lives and breathes puns, so I'm going to have a hard time not using "The Suite Life of..." any time I talke about a Suite 703 scene. Hopefully I'll get it all out of my system soon, but for now, I'd like to direct your attention to a scene that premiered this past Thanksgiving. Steven Daigle is the boss, and he decides it's time to offer Kurt Wild a promotion in this Men Hard At Work scene from Suite 703.
How's that for a job performance evaluation?

Kurt Wild has been making the rounds again recently, and despite being a straight man (c'mon, didn't you watch Tyra?) he's still full of the same charm and good looks that make you wish he'd leave his family and run away to Canada with you.

Kurt's small and lithe frame are a perfect compliment to Steven Daigle's towering build. Steven takes control of the situation from the very beginning, stripping down Wild to get a look at his torso and offer some friendly fellatio before he leans back to force a little reciprocation. There's no mistaking who's boss in this video. (Again with the puns.) Anyone familiar with my twitter feed knows that theres no shortage of admiration on my part for Mr. Daigle, and his performance here has only served to amplify that admiration.

Show me how badly you want that promotion.

There's no denying Steven has a nice dick. It's long, sure, but the real beauty is in it's girth. Kurt proves just how professional he is in this scene in more ways than one. His cute ass takes it all with ease. Just like every other man in this country, I watch a lot of porn. But this is one of the scenes where even just watching the camera shots showing Kurt getting fucked without showing actual penetration is enough to get me going.

Then of course comes the ending. Giggity. Kurt gets covered as both he and Steven shoot heavy loads.

To watch this blistering hot scene, click here!