Tangled Up In Sex

I can haz all three?

Cocksure Men has been consistently producing some great content lately. Between directors Jasun Mark and John Tegan and producer Jake Cruise, you're getting some quality sexin' on the pages of CM.

One of the best scenes to come along recently has been a threeway between one of my all-time favorite performers, Conner Habib, starring alongside Cocksure exclusive Morgan Black and beautifully built and furry Heath Jordan. Mind you, this scene debuted in February... and I'm still yankin' my chain to it on a regular basis. Heath is an example of the kind of performer who has one of those stacked bodies the studios love, but he eschews the "smooth muscle" image they employ as often as he can. This young man is furry, and he looks damn good when he goes au naturale and lets his pelt fly free. His body is a one-two combo for fans of muscle-worship and fur-love. It's obvious that this fresh-faced young cub is going to age into a devilishly handsome bear.
Here's Heath, in a grand display of cocksucking.
Conner is a great example of what a man should be. Smart, fucking sexy, and completely without airs. His horny, intelligent, playful persona is no act. He's literally just as horny in real life as he seems on camera and he's completely owns it. But, I guess telling you that is a bit redundant. I mean, he is having sex for a living, after all. His above-average intellect is just the cherry on top of his sexual sundae.
Conner's ass is nothing less than a natural wonder.
Morgan is my image of what sex personified would be. A little rough, hairy in all the right places and with a soul and energy as warm and as passionate as the sun itself. I know I'm not the only one who picks attributes in performers and wishes we could find them in our search for partners in real life, but I don't just want someone who emulates Morgan. I want Morgan.
Morgan's release. I bet when you watch this video, you won't last as long as him.
All three of these men are cut from a similar cloth. Each unique in their own way, but threads of raw sexuality and genuine delight in the rugged male body bind them together. Scroll down to watch a clip from this smoking hot scene, and also follow these fine gentleman on Twitter. If you're on an iPhone or iPad and the video below doesn't show up, click here. Compliments of RocketTube Find Conner on Twitter and Online. Find Heath on Twitter. Find Morgan on Twitter. Visit Cocksure men by clicking below and sign up to enjoy more hot videos like this one!
  • Robert

    Omg! I’m all moist now! I LOVE furry men! And the only thing better then three hot, sexy, furry men in a three way is FOUR hot, sexy, furry men!