Steven’s Best Weekend Ever!

If you look a few posts back, you know it was Steven Daigle's birthday last week. This past weekend, I think it's safe to say, he celebrated in a big way. He was named Best Newcomer at the Grabby's, and quite deservedly so, in this nerd's opinion.
Accepting his Best Newcomer award in geek chic glasses.
There were three performers this year who I felt really embodied in overlapping ways what it meant to be the "best" newcomer in the business. Chris Porter, Kennedy Carter and of course, Steven. Chris Porter's omission from even a single nomination this year was glaring, to say the least. Also, while there was a Ginger named co-winner of the Newcomer award, it was the wrong one. Kennedy Carter out-performed his contemporaries in every single scene he graced this past year, and did so with raw sexual energy, not to mention pure grace, poise and humility. Now that is priceless. Snap. But, back to Steven. Coming from the unique vantage point of having been on broadcast television, there was an aura of taboo surrounding his decision to enter the gay adult film industry. Sure, there had been loads of men we've all watched on television whom we fantasized about in rather, ahem, pornographic ways, but Steven was the one to say 'fuck all' and forge a path. At the very heart of the matter, Steven is just looking to please those around him. All the while, he has a streak of fearlessness running through him. When an urgent sense of vulnerability is combined with that no-holds-barred kind of attitude in one person, the results are bound to be explosive, if not stellar. And stellar they are! Having come from that unique vantage point, Steven basically had his pick of studios to work with. As such, he built up an impressive and rather diverse body of work in just a year. Famed Director Chi Chi LaRue directed his first three feature films. He worked with web-based studios like Cocksure Men and Dominic Ford, and feature length-based studios like Titan and Falcon. So to top off a roller coaster ride of a year full of mostly highs, Steven had a very good weekend, and I couldn't be happier for him. I've had a chance to speak with him at each of the industry events I've attended throughout the past year, I'm genuinely glad his drive to succeed has been recognized.