Spencer Reed + Brady Jensen

If you head on over to CocksureMen, you'll find a nice little treat for the eyes. Spencer Reed stopped by the studio recently to film a scene with exclusive blonde adonis, Brady Jensen. The boys waste no time getting down to brass tacks. Immediately, they're kissing and caressing each other.
Can I get in on that?
I don't know if I cant pinpoint one attribute of Spencer's that turns me on the most, but I know one thing for certain: when it comes to him, I'm a total leg man. Look at those gams! He's built thick all over, and I like it. A lot.
That's the spot.
I really enjoy seeing a pairing like this because Spencer is this hyper-masculine hairy-legged stud and Brady embodies the smooth West Coast pretty boy. While it's obvious that Reed is going to end up pounding away at Jensen, there's a hot segment in which Brady is fucking Spencers mouth with abandon. Reed then follows up by offering some hot rimming action.
Tasting good, bro.
Spencer proceeds to fuck Brady in multiple positions all across the black leather couch. It ends with one of my favorite things: a tandem cumshot. If I were you, I'd click here to watch the scene now!

Starring: Spencer Reed, Brady Jensen Runtime: 26:29 Director: Jasun Mark
  • Jdhjimbo

    This is one of the hotter gay porn scenes ever – as the contrast is wonderful – and you cannot help but want to devour every inch of both of these guys.   While Spencer is more my type, I love a sweet submissive boy like Brady offering up all his wares to this masculine stud, and then the cumshots are wonderful!!!!