Sheen’s Korner: A Dick Filled Past (Videos)

So, as I was watching the entertaining train wreck that was Charlie Sheen's inaugural UStream feed "Sheen's Korner" earlier, I noticed one of the members of Sheen's posse (and also apparently the sound effects guy) was Simon Rex, AKA Dirt Nasty, AKA the MTV VJ who jacked off for a gay porn compilation video. Now, I wouldn't go near his ween these days, but I remember when I was in either middle or high school and realizing that he was quasi-famous, and he was naked on the internet. Thus, I've spilled a few loads to this fella. I couldn't let that little fact go without some sort of shout out, so here are a few pieces of some of Simon Rex's #winning history. Evolution of a reformed porn performer: One of his Dirt Nasty songs, which I have to say, isn't the worst thing to have ever been produced:

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And now the part you can beat off to, the wanking vids: