Music Monday: The Double Dose Mixtape Has Dropped!

Click here to download "Dose Yourself"

Bonafide Porn Star Chris Porter moonlights as rapper Double Dose, and the debut mixtape has finally been released! Take a listen to this. It's no surprise that I don't exactly listen to much hip-hop or rap. I mean, I'm a total nü-folk hipster through and through. But as I told him earlier this evening, listening to this makes me genuinely excited not just for the music itself but for the entire musical creative process. Watching someone release their creative endeavor into the wild to be consumed by the masses is a noble thing. I mean, this is 2011. Everyone's a critic, and everyone has the internet as a venue to give their opinions, good or bad. But goddamn. This shit is good. Real good. White boy can spit rhymes as well as he can suck dick, and we all know he does that extremely well, so... Here's a sample track. "Hell of a Life" is a freestyle and it's an example of the serious potential this kid has.

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You can download the mixtape now, though! So do it! Go now! hurry!

Click here to download "Dose Yourself"