Music Monday: Road to the Stose Debut Album

I'd like to take a moment to pitch a musical cause to you guys. I'm sure a majority of the readers that come here know who Chris Porter is. He hit the scene a few years ago and became a favorite of this site, amongst many others. Quickly gaining a fan base for his punkish & playful attitude and good looks, Chris built up an impressive body of work in a short time. Now, he's headed in a new creative direction. Having been involved in music for a while, he's currently focusing all of his energies into his (admittedly impressive) rapping skills. Judging from the majority of my #musicmonday posts, you can probably gather I don't listen to much rap. I'm a folkster/Americana hippy through and through. Nonetheless, I recognize talent and drive in all its many forms. Under the original moniker of Double Dose, Chris released a mixtape last year which I reviewed on this site. The tracks were good, showed great promise, but lacked the refinement that Stose, the latest incarnation has started to perfect. The first official single is now available on iTunes, and he's currently raising money to fund his debut album. These days, it's easier than ever to reach out to others to help raise the venture capital needed to fund personal creative projects, but the word has to be spread far and wide for that capital to be raised. That's why for the next two weeks, $2 from every affiliate sale I make on this website will be donated towards his goal of financing his debut album and first video. For those unfamiliar with that concept, it's pretty simple. Purchase a membership to a site after clicking a link on this site, and $2 from that membership will go towards his Kickstarter campaign. For the next two weeks, supporters of #nerdjizz will be supporters of Stose. It's a noble effort to follow ones dreams. In this instance, you can help support the cause either directly or indirectly. Not too shabby, eh? After the video, you can choose from a list of websites to join. Remember, every sale will result in a two-dollar donation, so there's no maximum membership purchase required. Choose from the following sites, and $2 from each sign-up will go toward the project: AustinZane Cinemale Cockyboys Cocksure Men Corbin Fisher Dominic Ford Island Studs Naked Sword Picture This Studios Raging Stallion Str8Cam