Music Monday: Iron & Wine

No doubt for most people the one and only song they know by Iron & Wine is their cover of "Such Great Heights" which Zach Braff featured in Garden State. I was certainly one of those people when I was younger that only associated that particular song with I&W. The difference was that I was aware of the song before it was featured in the movie, you know, because I'm so painfully hip. (Ha!) At any rate, Sam Beam - the creative mastermind - has released the fourth LP and it's rather fantastic. A week ago, the band appeared on Conan to promote and perform the third track from the album. "Tree By The River" is a wonderful throwback tune to the style and simplicity of late-70's folk. Particularly good use of electric piano and female vocal harmonies, in my humble opinion. There are a few more standouts on the album, particularly the first and second tracks, "Walking Far From Home" and "Me and Lazarus" respectively. Finally, "Godless Brother in Love" is wonderful as well. You'd be doing yourself a favor by picking this album up. I know I definitely have a particular taste in music *cough* indie folk *cough* but I just know you'll like it too!

  • Mulder

    So… now you’ve hooked me… what is the name of the album?

    • Whoops. Guess I should’ve mentioned that part. The album title is “Kiss Each Other Clean.”

  • Mulder

    Kewl. Merci.