Guys With iPad 2 Giveaways!

NOTE: If your browser gives you a malware message while visiting GWiP, ignore the warning. It's a technicality being resolved. As Guys with iPhones readies for its 50,000th studly uploaded image, I'd like to share the following message with all of you readers out there who have one of Apple's prized cellular devices:

Start uploading your images to GWiP now! Be the lucky 50k image, and you can win an iPad 2 from the sexy site for guys and their beloved Apple device.

For two years has been the hottest site where amateur guys, porn stars, and celebrities drop in and snap their best and sexiest shots with the world’s most stylish phone. Within the next few weeks, we will post our 50,000th photo and to celebrate this incredible milestone we’ve decided to throw “GWiP’s Race to the 50K!”

We’d love every guy with an iPhone to submit sexy photos to our site! But the lucky fella who submits our 50,000th photograph will win an iPad 2 — and there’s more! In the five days leading up to the 50,000 mark, we will give away an iPod Shuffle each day to one lucky submitter — that’s 5 chances to win a free iPod Shuffle just for uploading a great guy with an iPhone!

Sounds pretty great, does it not!? I've been a fan of GWiP for a very long time, and I've submitted my fair share of images to them, so I'm extremely excited that they're doing this promotion! For official rules, read below:


1. The race will run until we post the 50,000th pic. 2. All submissions can be sent to “” or made over the web via: 3. There is no limit to the number of submissions. So send in as many as you like! 4. Each shot must have an iPhone in clear view. 5. The 50,000th approved picture will win the unlocked iPad 2. Five runners-up will receive iPod Shuffles. 6. All submissions must be made via valid email addresses. Finalists will be contacted to verify authenticity of submissions. So please uploading your hottest GWiP entry! 7. Unverified submissions will be forfeited for the purpose of the contest (but may still be added to the GWiP site). In the event that the 50,000th or other winning photos are not authentic/verifiable, the prize will be given to the next approved submission. 8. Minimum age of entry is 18 years old. 9. A winner will be announced after we’ve published the 50,000th photo

And there you have it, boys! Now pull out those iPhones, open the camera app and start snapping! You never know which photo could net you a brand new iPad 2!