Facebook-Free February!

I'm going to experiment with my social media intake next month. I'm going to deactivate my personal Facebook account for the entire month of February. I encourage you all to do the same, as well! I'll be deleting my Facebook app from my iPhone. I already stopped any email notifications from reaching my inbox long ago, so I'll be good on that front. But note, I'm not a tech-age sadist, so Twitter and my "Harvey" page will still be in full swing. And if you're familiar with my Harvey Facebook page, then you're aware I don't use it personally. It's basically become one giant redirect feed towards NerdJizz.
  • Henry

    Excellent choice Harvey! I deleted my Facebook almost a year ago and I feel no pain. It’s time we ALL bring the human touch back into our society. I hope more people follow our lead.

  • Sirfuller

    if you really want to be brave, turn your i-phone off for a month 🙂