A Spoonful of Conner

Today, since I'm feeling froggy, how about a few Conner Habib gifs? These moving pictures are just a snippet of his porn prowess. Also, if you've never read any of his writing, go check out his blog. His mind is his most impressive asset (and he bares every single one of his stellar assets for everyone to see.) All gifs created by All That Heaven Allows.

(My particular favorite is Conner having his ass eaten by Heath Jordan in the last one. Woof. So much fur on the pair of them.) While you're at it, log in to Facebook and go 'like' this page which aims to bring attention to the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast and crew. I mean, let's face it, a porn version of Charlie? It would definitely be Conner. Also, be sure to use the hashtags #ConnerOnSunny and #ConnerAsCharlie on Twitter.