Use Tumblr Faster, Achieve Orgasm More Quickly

Are you maximizing the time you should be spending masturbating while you're on Tumblr? Let's be honest, Tumblr is a great directory of photos, gifs and videos  of a pornographic nature – especially if you know who. to. follow. ahem. The blogging platform has made great strides with their mobile app, but if you're looking to get the quickest bang for your buck, then memorize these keyboard shortcuts. For navigating your home feed quickly, use J to scroll the page up, K to back up through posts, L to like posts, and N to quickly open a note window. Navigate If you're on a Mac, you'll recognize the button on the left. If you're on a PC, just replace that key with the CTRL key. Use this combination to instantly reblog a post. Reblog Use this combination to quickly add a post to your Queue. Queue A full queue is a great way to keep your Tumblr page active, even when you're not tending to it. Images from Tumblr Tips. Read for more hints to to get your reblogging up to speed. tumblr_inline_mlw51viVcN1qz4rgp