Second X-Men: First Class Trailer

The second X-Men: First Class trailer has been released! It starts off much the same as the previous teasers and trailers have but the new scenes start about a quarter of the way through the trailer!

Banshee was never much on my radar but MAN he looks cooler with every new trailer!

  • Vern Hester

    James McAvoy as a bad guy? ‘Bout time…after “Atonement,” “Narnia I[he was the cute barechested faun],” “Last King of Scotland,” and “Wanted,” all of which he got the living shit kicked out of him, it’s cool to see him as Magneto. Great actor, hairless as all get out, but absolutely the cutest thing on the planet. Anytime he wants to take his clothes off I’m there. And yeh, I just know that McAvoy’s faun in “Narnia” was getting boned by that puerto rican centaur…

    • Actually McAvoy is playing Xavier, Michael Fassbender is playing Magneto. =)


      • Vern Hester

        Doesn’t matter really…just so long as he dosen’t get turned into lead by that icy bitch Tilda[Narnia], lied about and destroyed[Atonement], hooked up with fuckin’ Idi Amin[King of Scotland], or beaten and un-laid[Wanted] then I’m cool. Besides, he’s loads of fun to look at and would probably be lots more to play with. Hopefully they’ll give him a form fitting cute little spandex outfit so I can check out the dimples in his ass and his nipples presing through the shirt. But if he’s playing Xavier that’s highly unlikely…

  • Boywonder06

    dude…that’s just a trailer from the original xmen first class…