Music Monday: Soko

Did you see that strangers-first-kiss video that went viral a few weeks ago? It was appropriately titled "First Kiss." Turns out the whole thing was commissioned by a small clothing label as a video showcase for their newest styles. The song used in the video was my introduction to Soko. She's a French singer/actor who even appears in the video. (She's the shorter of the two girl-on-girl kissers.) Her voice brings to mind a more focused CocoRosie, or maybe a Julia Stone with more hurt imbued in her inflections. Soothing, but most certainly emotional. Especially in the song "Treat Your Woman Right."  If you're having a particularly emotional day today, don't listen to it. TEARS. At any rate, here's "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow": Buy the album.


To see that viral video, watch it after the jump.

First Kiss: