Music Monday: Liza Anne

album cover I just discovered Liza Anne via my preferred streaming music service, Rdio. Her first full-length album was just released last week and it sounds so polished, it's surprising she doesn't already have 2 or 3 under her belt. Yes, this is a singer/songwriter album about love, but I'll be damned if it is not done up to perfection. There are a few love-gone-sour songs on here, sure, but do not make the mistake of dismissing them just because the topic has been so terribly overdone by Taylor Swift and her ilk. Liza Anne's voice immediately invokes the likes of contemporaries like Ingrid Michaelson & Amy McDonald, but I'd contend she sounds more like a combination of Jill Andrews, Priscilla Ahn and with a dash of an airier Shara Worden. (By the way, if you haven't heard of any of those magnificent songstresses, go YouTube yourself into a music wormhole.) Certain inflections of hers also really remind me of a local artist I heard years ago named Erin Manning, albeit to a much lesser degree. What I'm getting at is that Liza's voice is a sweet, sweet instrument and I expect her to show up on the soundtrack of an episode of one of Shonda Rhymes' shows at some point in the future. Make no mistake though, she's not just a pretty voice. Her songwriting is also something to be admired. "The Colder Months", the title track, is the song where Liza flexes her music muscles. It's full of restrained angst, a sparse yet driving drum beat, and some nice guitar reverb to set the mood. It's also the track where her Shara Worden-lite vocality really shines through. Here's a small YouTube sampling of Liza: The Colder Months - Official Video "Wrecking Ball" - A Miley Cover "Come On Back" - An original, with backup singers Click photo below to view album in iTunes.